March 12, 2013

Tuesday Topics: 10 Pins

I am so happy to be starting another round of Tuesday Topics! Tiffany and i started Tuesday Topics as a way to consistently blog about something different and fun each week and to be able to read and connect on the same subjects with other awesome bloggers. So link up with us! I promise it is fun!!

And you missed this week? Don't wait to join us, you do not have to do all ten! Spread the word!

Okay PSA over, now onto my ten favorite pins on my Pinterest Board:

Kevin and I may be far from thinking about kids, but I love the thought of us raising a family and have some pretty beautiful pins on my Future Family Ideas Board.
so sweet

I can spend all day (and night) dreaming of my pins in my dream home board!

I am Some Card guilty! I especially find the medical ones funny. Gotta love a good laugh!
I see...
Please tell me you guys have seen the youtube vid that this is referring too? This mom is totally me and these kids are totally Kevin and mine's. The one in the red takes after Kevin (he knows his math!) the other one is mine ;-)

My Beautify Me Board is just full of beautiful outfits, bodies, and hair that I want. Lust City.
Who can do my nails like this?!

Mint and gray.
I wanna pull off the collared shirt under a sweater deal!

I love pinning beautiful moments and images. I love all things beautiful!
help a girl out
July 4th Sunset

And like most, I have lots of food boards!
South of the border sandwiches

And board that is anti-food.
Yes, please!

Don't forget about my first giveaway I have going on! :-)
The Austin Family Diary


  1. Love your pins! I so wish I could do my nails all pretty like, but I'm definitely not the best at doing nails ha ha.

  2. I love your breakfast board! Following you now through Pinterest! Also, I love the beautiful moments with the couple and the snow, how sweet.

  3. lovelovelove the American Flag!

  4. Be still my Pinterest loving heart. I love the American flag!

    Enjoy your day!

    ♥ Talia

  5. I just did this on my blog! So much fun!
    I love your pins!

  6. Love everything on your dream home board!!!

  7. So much fun. I love all of these!

  8. Well you sold me at "Future Family Board." Super sweet. :)

  9. This is awesome! I'm going to have to start playing along. ;-)

  10. I have tried so many times to pull of the collared shirt under sweater look. And somehow it never looks as good on me as it does on pinterest! :)

  11. lol love that you have food and anti-food boards

  12. What fun pins! After you find someone do your nails like that, send them my way, please. They are super cute. And, that flag - stunning!

  13. The dining room and wine cellar...yes please! Love it!

  14. I love that cheetah nail! And, of course, the some cards! They are so funny! Especially when there is swearing involved.


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