March 26, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Eight Fave Posts

I am one of those people who really enjoys looking back at my blog posts.
I think over the time of blogging my posts have gotten better and I can't wait to write many more posts. Mainly about the wedding and the house!

But here are some of my favorite posts I have written to date:

I have enjoyed working on my house. I plan to write about everything did and will do. The first thing thus far I have written about was changing the door hardware!

I like to get real with you all and talk about boobs.

I talk about what kind of blogger I am.

I enjoyed taking you guys to my hometown.

I think we all have a hard time balancing everything in life sometimes.

I also did a post at Tiffany's giving her the nitty gritty.
(No I did not mean to freak her out, just to prepare her for CB (and any other women that the post reaches). I think any first time mom thinks and is scared about CB and the last thing on my list about CB I think makes it all worth it!

I loved when my BBFs (best blogger friends) Tiffany and Kaitlyn announced their pregnancies!
And about our blates! Oh and this blate too!

That is more than eight but know also that I love all the posts on your Tuesday Topics. It is so cool to see such totally different posts each week written on the same subject matter. Thanks to everyone who participates!
The Austin Family Diary


  1. This is so fun! I love reading past posts of bloggers I enjoy. :-)

  2. Loved looking back at your old posts! I enjoyed reading them a second time. :-)

  3. I love the posts you chose!!

  4. Ahh I love this! My favorite thing to do when I find a new blog is to click through what that blogger considers to be their "popular posts" if they have that tab! So fun getting to know someone a bit better!

  5. Ha I think my favorite post that you wrote was about your boobs!

  6. I had no idea you, Tiffany and Kaitlyn all had a blate! That's awesome!

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  8. I love re-reading my old posts but it also makes me cringe a bit because some are so silly! Thanks for posting these! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  9. Thanks Lauren for stoping by my blog! Tuesday Topics are so much fun! :)

  10. Joining you guys for the first time on your link up! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Bahaha the nitty gritty post! I totally meant to add that on mine...seriously one of my all time favs :D Glad you added it on here.

  12. your post about giving birth confirmed my desire to adopt :)

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