March 27, 2013

Vail Vacation Recap

I am behind on catching up. Here is a long picture happy post for you!

Vail was so much fun!
So Tuesday we flew in to Denver and I got this amazing picture out the window. A lady next to me saw how it turned out and she and the lady next to her and the lady next to her all proceeded to ask me to take pictures outside my window for them. It was a breathtaking view.

Once we arrived in Denver, we drove to Vail, settled in and went out to dinner. Kevin, me, his aunt, and uncle stayed out and planned to do a little bar hopping. We went to one bar, but it was still fun!
 Getting ready for dinner!

Why did we go to one bar you ask?
Well Arizona you guys need to work on your IDs...

We get there and they look at my ID, they frown and don't immediately give it back, then their eye goes to Kevin's ID and they drop mine and give it back. Both of our IDs have different colored backgrounds, the lighting on both photos are terrible, and it is barely our face. 

So on Kevin's, it is so barely his face, that on his ID pic they cut off his chin. 
The bar didn't like that and said it was fake.

Well lame, we don't need this, let's just go somewhere else.
Nope, they keep your ID until the cops show up and verify that you aren't fake.
Well fanny fan. We wait....wait......and.............wait.
Btw while we wait, we wow the people at the bar with our ID expiration date.
My drivers licence does not expire until I am 65.
So then the cop shows up.
SWEAR he was younger than us!
And sure enough Kevin is not 18.
Late night fun!

At least they treat us to a round of shots for our troubles.
And of course we continue to stay for the drinks and live music....
Eh I am not good at hopping anyway.

Wednesday we went skiing. A little scratchy snow, but still fun!

Thursday was a snowy snowy day! We stayed in and bummed around until the afternoon.
We decided to bear the cold and the snow and go watch The Great American Ski Classic Race.
We had an excellent place to stand. So excellent that I got pelted with a lot of snow at one point.
Way to go reflexes.
At least Kevin got a kick out of it...
Me and Kevin's grandparents bearing the snow. Yes I do have long johns underneath those pants and so many, many layers under my ski jacket.

It did end up clearing up but the poor contestants had quite the course to ski down. 

This is Kevin and I at the ski classic. This is post a whole bunch of snow thrown in my face. 

We go to the ski classic every year and there is always a concert after. I just so happen to have a picture of us at our very first one which I thought was crazy to compare to this years.
I told ya! Crazy!

Then we went for some yummy margs to warm us up.
And they sure did!

Friday was a great ski day with all the fresh powder from Thursday. It was also colder!
All bundled up in the Gondola

Then pizza completed the night!

Saturday we had to drive back to Denver and the snow was bad.
Our rental car...yes car, did not have 4 wheel drive.
Poor Kevin was stressed the whole drive. The roads were bad.
We are not used to that in the desert.
yay freeway!

We take a break for lunch to clear our minds and the street.
Then we got back to the stressful roads and found our hotel room.
Took a nap, watched tv, just hung out.

Then we went to the Denver Nuggets game!
We watched them win their 15th game in a row!
And it was really cool to go to my first NBA game.

Sunday was a lazy day. We went by Sports Authority Field, Coors Field, and Downtown Denver and I got a little picture crazy...
We were the only people there! Thanks snowy Sunday.
The horse!! 
Hey downtown Denver!

The oldest church in Denver

Then we did meet Kaitlyn and Ryan for lunch.
So good to meet Ryan and see Kaitlyn again! I wish she still lived with me in AZ!

Now I am back and have successfully caught up on blogs, am drowning in laundry, and cleaning house. Fun fun!


  1. Holy crap that picture out your plane window is amazeballs.


    I'm so jealous, that is gorgeous!!!

    And I'm also jealous that you've met Kaitlyn, love her <3

  2. I am so looks like trip was amazing!

    And girl, seriously, you look adorable in all of your pictures! :-)

  3. BAHHHHH I made the cut!!! When I saw your snowy Sunday pictures I thought I had been forgotten!!! Ryan loved the blate and I was sooooo happy to see you!!!!

  4. I love seeing all of your pictures! I am so glad that you had fun. :)

  5. Looks like such a fun trip...cracking up about the ID story. AZ is crazy in the fact that their ID's expire when we're 65...I mean I hope I look this young then but it's highly doubtful lol. I wish Kaitlyn still lived here too :( glad you made it to a nuggets game, we're thinking about going to see the Suns play in a few weeks.

  6. Glad you had a fun time! We went to Vail a few years back with the hubs family and it was a blast!

  7. this looks like an absolutely fantastic trip!! I would love to go to vail!

    and side note- I saw your comment on Megan's blog about your sister having leukemia, I am so sorry, my sister had it as well, but she was 14. I am always interested when people share something rare like that.

    hope I didn't creep you out!

  8. What a fun trip! I can't believe you had all that trouble with your ID's! That's crazy!

  9. You're adorable! Glad you had so much fun!

  10. Loved seeing your pictures! Your ski-wear outfits were all so cute :)

  11. Loved all your pictures, looks like you guys had an amazing time! And, that first photo is stunning! That is crazy about the IDs, I would've been so frustrated. At least they bought y'all shots to make up for it. And, that road you had to drive on looks scary! I would've been freakish the heck out with no 4wheel drive, glad you made it to denver safely! :-)

  12. Gosh, I LOVE those gray boots! here did you get them?

  13. Oh wow, that view IS stunning!

  14. SO MUCH FUN!!!! The id story is classic. You guys took it much better than I would have. Then again, you can actually pass for under 21, I can't anymore. Sad! Anyway, glad you had a blast!

  15. Have you gone to games at Coors or any of the other sporting establishments in Denver? If not, you should totally try sometime - its a blast! You get great seats at a inexpensive price, you can visit the Coors Brewery before hand and you'll be sitting high in Denver. Awesome!

    Oh and I'm totally glad you had a blast in Vail :)

  16. You guys are officially the cutest couple ever.

    The end :)

  17. What a great trip!! Love all your pictures! Looks like a ton of fun and snow. And yall are too cute!

  18. Such incredible pictures! Looks like such a great trip! I definitely understand with the nonsense of an Arizona ID. I don't understand why they are so crappy and don't expire til we're so much older! It may just be depressing when I'm 65 to realize I've aged so much since I got my license!

  19. This trip looks like it was so much fun! I love your gray boots! My boys need to see snow. Nathan keeps asking about it.


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