April 18, 2013

Alphabet Dating

We have all been there before...one person says “what do you want to do tonight?” and the other says “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” This continues until someone either breaks down and makes a decision, or things fall apart and you spend the rest of the evening at home clearing out your DVR.
 The idea behind this date is quite easy – simply pick a letter of the alphabet and choose only activities that begin with that letter. Kaitlyn and Sharlee are heading this up. I picked the letter D. I had planned to plan a fun date that included making Kevin watch Duck Dynasty with me, and he did!

 When I suggested this date to Kevin, he was a bit skeptical. He was open to it and gave it a try. We set to brainstorming ideas. This step in the process is key to success. If you don’t do a quick brainstorm you might end up staring vacantly at each other all night, which probably isn’t what you had in mind. In fact, you might want to brainstorm the night before you do it in case it takes a while to decide on a letter and think of activities.

Then I got violently ill sick. Thankfully Kevin stepped up by taking care of me and brainstormed and came up with a better date then I could have ever imagined! 

Though I was skeptical of the alphabet date at first, I ended up thoroughly enjoying myself. It got us out doing things we probably never would have done otherwise and is very useful when trying to think of things to do.

Kevin made up this schedule, I can take no credit for this amazing date! (Minus the Duck Dynasty part haha!)

Double Double from the In-N-Out Drive-thru
Mhhm and boy was that yummy! We intended to totally go through the drive-thru but it was wayyy busy, so we went inside. whoops! But we did get double the double doubles! haha! 

Detour through the Desert
We then went and drove through Saguaro National Park. It was very pretty!

selfie alert!

Drive to Phoenix with playlist of D bands
So then we were on our way to Phoenix! Kevin made a playlist of songs from bands that start with the letter D. It was fun!

Return Dark Table at IKEA
Yeah, we ran an errand on our date, but we tied it in quite nicely, and hey, we are busy people!!

Double Date at Diamondbacks Dodgers Game
Well hello Tiffany and Cody! I love that they are so close! We got tickets that got us a hot dog, drink, and cookie. For some reason our cookie voucher didn't print out so we didn't get our cookie :-( but we still had fun! The Diamondbacks tried to rally but they were unsuccessful. 

We had to laugh at how bad the lighting was to take adequate blogger photos! We only got one as a group and let me tell you I am sitting like a big slouch. Not attractive. I guess we looked better than some of the people behind us...

We did try to take better Instagram photos though!
Tiffany is absolutely glowing! I can't wait to meet Elliott! 

Kevin then planned for us to come home to watch Daiquiris and Duck Dynasty because we couldn't find a place in walking Distance for Dessert, but Kevin had Dessert instead of Daiquiris and I loved my Duck Dynasty!

Perfect Date!


  1. oh no, the double doubles *** drool. I want a cheeseburger!

    How are you feeling?

  2. I love how you guys worked in your "d" theme everywhere! And that you ran an errand on your date. We often do errands and call it a "date"! :)

  3. I love this! What a loaded date...you guys did SO much! And he planned it! Awesome! I have been alphabet dating my husband myself and I agree that it totally makes you get creative instead of doing the same old thing! :) SO fun! I love your date!!

  4. I love it! And I wish it had been a triple date!!!

  5. What a fun date!!! You guys are adorable! :-)

  6. What an awesome idea!! I think we will for sure be trying this!! :)

  7. I liked this D date! So cute!


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