April 24, 2013

Late Weekend Update

I had a super great weekend this past weekend!
I was also too busy working Monday and Tuesday to get this posted in a timely manner.
Such is life!

Friday: I worked. Then enjoyed a nice night with Kevin watching the extended versions of LOTR. Yeah we know how to party.

Saturday: Kevin and I went to Market on the Move. This is a program where you can get up to 60 pounds of produce for 10 bucks! Kevin and I are only two people so we only opted for 30 pounds of food, but it was fun and a great deal! Then we went clothes shopping. We both need it. He was far more successful than me. We also went and did some quick Homegoods shopping taking care (hopefully) of our office chairs.

Then I had girls night with Alli and friends! We went to Phx and attended The Shine Project Beauty Bar fundraiser. (Ashley was gorgeous too, but I was ironically to nervous to meet her and she was super busy. Maybe next time!) I got my nails done cute, learned some awesome makeup tricks from Ali, and all and all had a good time. I very briefly got to meet Stesha and she really is every bit as pretty as she is on her blog!

Sunday: I slept in and my dad came into town. He always stops either on his way or back to his work in Phx to see me. We hung out in the kitchen while I was being super productive freezing all my veggies from Market on the Move and dehydrating them. Kevin made his beef jerky which was really good! Super productive! Then we went out to a yummy little dinner, watched some basketball, and went to bed! 

One day I will be talented patient enough to figure out how to make those instagram collages. Do people use PicMonkey for that too? I know that is something I need to look into anyway...

Back to the grind! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


  1. So much produce! I love it! Looks like a wonderful weekend. :)

  2. I have yet to watch my extended LOTR discs! Please tell me they're as amazing as I hope they are! :-)

  3. Can you share with us a receipe on how to make beef jerky?

  4. When you figure out the collages, let me know, I've been wondering too.

    STL has one of those produce things, I'm afraid, though, that we won't eat half the stuff we're given (the one I know about gives you randoms, you don't pick out) but I still may have to try it one day.

  5. I would love to find somewhere where I can get produce like that!!!

  6. I use Pixlr.com to do my collages, I just think it's simple & I like it.

  7. Looks like a great weekend! What an incredible deal on produce. I'd die! I use PicMonkey for my collages, and I love it. :)

  8. Lovin' the produce....I wish I could press a button and have fresh produce delivered every few days without having to cart my two chillins along with me. lol! Looks like you had a fun weekend. :) Oh, and I use picasa for collages....

  9. Ahh!!! You could get 60 lbs for ten dollars?!??! That's incredible! And yeah, picmonkey is definitely the way to go when it comes to collages.

  10. WOW, Market on the move seems awesome!Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week!

  11. A little random but just wanted to say your hair looks fantastic in every photo of this post! Any tips? x

  12. Thanks for the mention Lauren. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Shine Event!

  13. There's an Android app called Photo Grid that makes collages. It's super quick and easy.

    Hope you and Kevin are doing well!
    - Adriana


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