April 8, 2013

My Not so Perfect Day

I wish I could share some exciting weekend update with you, but all I did was work and work and work. I did stop and party with my girl Alli. So much fun, but Sunday was a little hard.

Poor Kevin had to work on school stuff all weekend. Being in grad school and a full time job...I do not envy him!

Today is my day to try and tackle some laundry and hang out and catch up on blogs! Yay!

So on this post, I told you about my perfect me day! But sometimes life just doesn't work like that! But I think that's okay to be honest about what really goes on in your life. It can't be glamorous all the time. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing about every body and happy days, but indulge me...am I the only one with days like this...

It's about to get real.

I went to bed last night at 1:30 am after a long, tiring double at work...Kevin is getting ready for work now at 6am. Boo...didn't get to see him. I am too tired to wake up.

Force myself to wake up soon after he leaves so that I can get something done before I go right back to work. (this is assuming that I am not working overtime and having to be at work again at 6am. hehe)

Make myself my normal breakfast of eggs and toast. Leave the pan on the oven because I don't feel like cleaning it and am going to make the same breakfast again tomorrow morning.

Start on a huge pile of laundry that I have let sit and don't want to do. In a washer that just seems to be getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

Eat wayyyyy too much candy before I even realize what I have done. (so much for being healthy)
Realize that there is a pile of dirty dishes in the sink...need to empty the clean ones from the dishwasher and reload!

Realize my floors are dirty, counters a mess, nothing put away...but no time for that I have to get ready for work!

Shower, quick put on makeup, and don't dry my hair due to being lazy time.

Fold all the clothes that I can so they don't get wrinkled and so that I don't have to iron.
I don't get to putting them away.

Didn't go on a run again today...
Didn't have time to make Kevin dinner.
Or me lunch. (aka dinner)

Go to work...lots of admissions and busy stuff. Forgot to pack a lunch, so I scarf whatever my patient's get for dinner hoping that it is edible. 

Stuff my face and work through my 30 min lunch break. Shh don't tell my boss! I am trying to get out of here 30 min late, not an hour late!

Give report to a crabby night nurse.
Get home and see my tired husband who is ready to go to sleep. And piles of laundry waiting to be put away.

What does your non perfect day look like??


  1. Oh I hear ya. Which is why today when they messed my schedule up I was more than happy to have this day off from both jobs.

  2. Sounds like you need another you day!

  3. Love that your keeping it real! Definitely important to see the non-perfect days along with the perfect ones! And I hope you get some perfect ones in there soon :)

  4. Same here girl! I have days like this all the time. I think a nice pamper-yourself day is in order. :-)

  5. The first year we were married, Angel worked 7pm-7am shifts and I was going to college during the day--occasionally, it really got to feeling like we never saw each other when we were both fully awake. And now I'm at school 40 hr. per week--he's doing 12 hour day shifts plus grad school--I can relate a little to the crazy schedules!

  6. You definitely have been super busy - try and take a "you" day whenever possible! It will really help :)

  7. Ha ha...I love that last ecard. The second I come from work, I get into the ugliest more comfy clothes I own. I would feel bad about this but my husband does it too so we look gross together!

    I think we need these bad days to really fully appreciate the good ones!

    Classy with a Kick

  8. this post is both relatable & funny! I love these e-cards, the last one is me for sure. Take a day to relax my friend, paint those pretty nails of yours!!

  9. Omg. This is me practically to a T...at least 4 days a week! Seriously LOLd at leaving the pan on the stove. Glad I'm not the only one!!

  10. I know I've said this before, but I give nurses SO much credit. You work so hard, and I don't know how you manage dealing with those hours!

  11. The last picture... that's me! Haha

  12. You eat your patient's food???

    I understand how that hard process works, my mom is a nurse too.

  13. Aw I feel your pain, love. Once I'm actually caught up on the ridiculousness that is my week of grading and actually get back to blogging, I'll have to show you guys what my non-perfect day looks like. Yea, it can be rough.

  14. Aw thanks for keeping it real! My sister's friend is a nurse and I know it's long/odd hours so it's hard to keep a beautiful looking house. Loved the last eCard lol so true!


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