April 17, 2013


I am no expert, but I have had people ask me for relationship advice. I have been in a great relationship for a while now (over 7.5 years), and it just keeps growing stronger and stronger. One thing I think all girls need to know in their relationships is men need respect. 

We often joke with guys about what we think are little things. Like "wow you have got some chicken legs" or "were you born in a barn?" The thing is that we don't joke with other girls like that...do we think that guys are just tough enough to handle these kinds of remarks? They may act like they are and it probably will make them seem even more cocky because their defenses go up. But it tears them down. Build your man up, especially since we demand so much to be treated with love from all guys. We should step up and treat them with respect. Every guy has strengths and talents. If you can't find them, then maybe you want to reevaluate your relationship.

Here is what I respect about Kevin.

1. he makes me feel safe & protected
2. he works hard at his job
3. he works hard to help others
4. he is disciplined and responsible
5. he is a best friend to his friends
6. he puts family first and cares about them
7. he puts all of his attention on me when he's with me
8. he tries his best to communicate well with me
9. he would drop anything to encourage me, be with me, or talk to me if i need it
10. he encourages me even when i don't ask
11. he says I love you everyday more than once a day
12. he spends his money wisely
13. he is kind to everyone
14. he listens to me even when i talk about dumb things
15. he doesn't talk about women in a degrading way
16. he compliments me {and means it}
17. he trusts me
18. he is absolutely trustworthy
19. he cares about my family
20. he takes my problems & concerns seriously
21. he has self-control {something I lack sometimes}
22. he stands firm in what he believes
23. he is affectionate towards me
24. he keeps his word
25. he does not have a bad temper
26. he is loyal
27. he is not arrogant
28. he knows how to have fun the right way
29. he is not afraid to apologize
30. he is strong physically
31. he is smart
32. he will drive when i ask or even when i don't
33. he supports me
34. he is a man of integrity
35. he is honest with me
36. he is always trying to have a good attitude about everything
37. he forgives me
38. he takes care of me when I am sick (Thanks baby!)
39. he always makes time for me first
40. he loves me

 I hope Kevin and I continue to build our marriage on love and respect, and I know that it is my job to step up and respect him at all times. 

I encourage you to do this for your relationship. Show this to him too. See what happens... 


  1. I love this, mostly because it's so true. Plus, you were able to come up with some great reasons why you love your husband and it made me smile. Great post, my friend, great post!

  2. For Valentine's Day this year, I gave my boyfriend a list of 52 things I loved about him- I thought he was going to think it was corny, but I've spotted it on his beside table since. You are so right about guys caring as much as girls!

  3. This is such a lovely post :)
    And a great tip. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope youre well. Sarah xxx
    I wondered if anyone might be interested in this..GIVE A LITTLE LOVE

  4. Your love for each other is so apparent, especially when you write it all out as an entire post. It's refreshing to hear and read. I completely agree with you on this; I love building up my man and making him feel loved and appreciated, because he definitely deserves it!

  5. This is awesome...we are lucky ladies to have such wonderful guys. Good thing we appreciate them despite their faults. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  6. This is such an awesome post! That is one thing that I feel has really kept John and I so close - that we respect each other. We are always complimenting each other, and when he goes out of his way to do something for me I make sure he knows that I appreciate it and him. :D

  7. That is awesome! It's such a good idea to actually make a list of everything you respect about your husband. Seeing it on paper would make me feel even more grateful than I already do. Good post :)

  8. It's SO important to show our husbands respect. I try to never talk bad about my hubby - whether or not he's around. :-) Thanks for this post. :-)

  9. loved this! respect is super important, I definitely need to work harder at it!


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