April 25, 2013

The Kids are Alright

So the other night I was watching the news and this story popped up about a one and a half year old and a seven year old that were found in a car with the doors unlocked and the windows half way down. Someone called the cops and found the mother in the store and the parents were given a citation. 

I stared at my husband and he stared back. He spoke first
"This makes the news?"

Exactly my thought!
I mean didn't we all used to stay in the car when mom had to go into the store and we didn't want to go?
What was the point of going in when we were too old to get the free sugar cookie?
Please tell me you guys remember this...

Left in a car on my own! For shame!!!

These kids were fine. In fact, we had a cold front enter the dessert, so it was a whopping 76 degrees (assuming they were found at the hottest part of the day) with a nice breeze. With those windows down, I bet it was quite comfortable.

It just goes to show how much times change that this makes the news and that kids aren't allowed to stay in cars anymore without someone yelling abuse.

As most of you know, when my sister was 5, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
When you have cancer, your immune system is low and germs can kill you.
My mom needed something like eggs and milk (you know staples) and decided to stop by the store with my sister. She could not come in due to the germs. Therefore my mom left her in the car with the car on. Well, my sister turned the car off and someone worried that she was left in a car all on her own...

Oh goodie.
Every situation is different and we never know when we go to judge.
I don't even know how to end this post.
I guess...I think this is just crazy!


  1. I see this a lot from working in a children's hospital. Sometimes, it is a problem. But as you said, every situation is different! ;-)

  2. It's such a fine line! My teenager pretty much never comes in the store with me so if I have to run in, he stays in the car with the little ones. I think the concern comes from people who forget about the heat or think it's no big deal when it is really hot, so now there is actually a law that kids can't be left in the car unless they're 14 or over. So that's why people call cops now. But Tucson is small, too. So a lot of dumb non-news makes news! I bet I can bet which channel you saw it on!

  3. My mom used to do that too and it was no big deal. he would leave the windows a little bit low but not too low that a stranger would come in unless it was too hot outside, she would take us with her. he hardly did this but she has done so and I don't think it's newsworthy either.

  4. Yes, times have changed. More parents obviously do need to be aware about leaving kids in hot cars, obviously, but I distinctly remember my Mom leaving 5 or 6 of us in the car while she ran into the post office or the bank (and can you blame her? With that many of us!) to do her errands. We were odd kids--as soon as she left, we started making plans of how we would attack any stranger that tried to come in the car and steal us. Those strangers would have had a bad day, that's for sure!

    1. I can imagine the thief sticking inside with his feet dangling out the window while you kids were punching his lights out and he is desperately trying to get out. LOL!!

  5. I agree that every situation is different. In this case, I think the kids were completely fine. I remember sitting in the car waiting for my mom to come out of the store because I absolutely did not want to go in. Times have definitely changed!

  6. I would always wait in the car because I wanted to finish my chapter book while my mom was in the store.

  7. sometimes I wish I could run into a store and leave the kids but they're still not old enough to do that with...I wonder how old is old enough though!

  8. Haha I remember when seatbelts/carseats weren't really considered a big deal and I would sit on the floor playing with toys while my mom drove around. Times have definitely changed! (Also, I'm old!!) That being said, I did recently read that even on a relatively cool day ambient car temps can rise by 30 degrees within a half hour. So...bad idea? Yes. But not exactly newsworthy!

  9. Wow, that's crazy!!! I guess with the kid being about a year and a half that's a little young to stay in the car with just a seven year old... But still... I feel like I'm going to have the cops called on me all the time once I have kids if this sort of thing gets them called. Uh oh!

  10. It's so crazy how times have changed! I was just talking about this with some ladies at my work. When I was a kid I would go and play out in the woods and build forts for hours, and never once did my parents worry about me. Now days you can't even let your kid walk down the street by themselves!

  11. That is crazy! We used to stay in the car all the time when my mom ran into the grocery store for something quick. Also, being that I'm a somewhat new reader I didn't know that about your sister - wow that is a very young age. Hope you are having a great week!

  12. We used to stay in the car, too. BUT I definitely think it depends on the situation and the kids that are being left in the car.

    XO Lourdes


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