April 15, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Five Childhood Pics

A couple of years ago I scanned all of my childhood photos into the computer. I love having them all! At that same time I put all of my VCR recordings of home videos on my computer, but have yet to finish converting them to DVDs for my parents. My mom is dying for them. One day I will finish them...then I can start sharing some embarrassing little Lauren videos.

Back to the pictures. Wow. How to choose?!
I am just going to pick 5 random ones.

Ever wonder why I am not a great photographer?
Here is why!

My mom loved to put my sisters and I in some pretty crazy cool outfits. I think my mom has saved them!
Maybe one day when I have a girl....

I loved my pacifier! Shoot, I was an over achiever back then...most kids had one at a time. I handled two.

Girls just wanna have fun! And I sure did on my swing set that my dad built for us!
Hey Aunt Nora!

Oh this post made me tired.

I realized all the pictures I posted are me around the same age, but I have so many! Way more than 5!

Show me your childhood pics!!
The Austin Family Diary


  1. Aww the last one is priceless. Unfortunately I don't know if I have more than 3 pictures of my childhood left as I cut all of them in tween age and pasted them on my small diaries and journals >,<

  2. awwwww I love the one where your asleep in your day's arms. <3

  3. Such adorable photos! I like the first one, haha...
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. That blue outfit with the hat reminds me of American Girl :)

  5. The second picture reminds me of Samantha from the American Girl books!

  6. These pictures are adorable! The one with you in the coat and hat reminds me of the Secret Garden. :-)


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