April 30, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Jewelry

I am taking a spin this week just like I did here and focus on my wedding. I really loved the jewelry I wore for my wedding!

First off I love my wedding set.
This is a three generations photo: My (late) Grandma, Me, and my Mom.

My necklace that I wore was really special to me. It was my something borrowed. (and worked for something old!) My mom wore this very same necklace when she got married. I kept her close to my heart the entire day.

I also wore some beautiful earrings and a bracelet that gave me just the right amount of sparkle!

What are some of your favorite pieces of jewelry?
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  1. You look like u were a gorgeous bride!!!!!

  2. I'd pretty fond of my rings, too. I actually have two wedding bands that I wear with my engagement ring. One band was a gift from my in-laws and one was a gift from my parents.

  3. I love that your mom wore that necklace too! And your rings are gorgeous!

  4. Those are all such gorgeous rings! Love the jewelry :)

  5. So pretty! Love the generation picture, I'm planning on picture like that at my wedding too!

  6. Your rings are gorgeous!!! I love that your band has larger diamonds on it.

  7. Beautiful jewelry!! You made a gorgeous bride :)

  8. Pretty jewelry on a pretty lady :) love those pics!

  9. LOVE THIS!! i'm so excited about my wedding jewelry! Can't wait to share it in 3 monthS!! :)


  10. You are just sooo lovely!!! :)

    1. i love how you did your hair with that veil. and i love the first photo with your mother's and grandmother's rings (that gold... so simple, so pretty!).

  11. The necklace that you and your mom wore is really beautiful. Just stunning. What a cool thing to be able to pass something like that down. Also love the generations picture.


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