April 1, 2013

Weekend Update: Easter Addition

First off, happy April Fool's Day. I am not a big prankster so nothing planned for you here!

I had a really great weekend. This included my parents coming into town. My sisters had to stay in NM. One working and one because she didn't get back from Spring Break till Saturday.

Friday we went out to dinner and just hung out.
I also made really bad cookies.

Saturday my mom and I took a shopping trip. I was able to get two rugs, a coffee table, and some other decor.
It was super fun! We still did not get a couch, dining room table, or bedside tables.
Hopefully soon though!
I don't want to ever rush into buying something I don't love.

While mom and I were out shopping, dad and Kevin worked on the kitchen backsplash. It has been a long time in the making, but hard to find time. Still needs grouted but I love it!!

See some of that decor? Still playing around with it...
I can't wait to share pictures of the house when it is finally put together and share in all our DIY stuff!

I also made some really good and easy crock pot Fettuccine Alfredo.
I can share the recipe later.

Sunday we all went to church. I haven't found "my" church here in AZ yet, but I think I liked this congregation.

Kevin and I before Mass

After Mass

Then, I made my first holiday dinner!
I was pleased with how it turned out. Best decision of my life was to buy a precooked ham with a brown sugar glaze. Love the sweet! Yum!

Added to the ham was cheesy bread and asparagus and red peppers.

For dessert I made a strawberry shortcake trifle. My first trifle attempt.
And the beautiful backsplash behind it!  :-)

A very good weekend!
I hope your Easter weekend was just as blessed!
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  1. I.want.your.kitchen!!

    Glad your trifle...and your backsplash...turned out great :)

  2. Your April Fool's joke would just be mean!!

  3. the kitchen looks awesome!! that facebook april fools would be hilarious!

  4. Lol you have no idea how many times I catch myself accidentally typing in the status update box...Not that I stalk people all the time!

    Kind of in looooove with your kitchen. I would die for all that counter space and the backsplash looks great!

  5. I love the backsplash! It's gorgeous! Good luck with finding a church. I feel like that's such a hard thing to do.

  6. That april fools at the top makes me want to cry. Noooo please don't ever let that happen I would be so embarrassed! Beautiful kitchen. Everyone is commenting on the backsplash but I want those chairs!

  7. good luck finding "your" church! we're moving in 2 weeks and i'm not really looking forward to the church hunt.

    and oooh, that FB prank. i've caught myself nearly making that mistake ANYWAYS! i certainly don't need FB to help me... but it WOULD be funny! :)

    happy monday!

  8. Your kitchen is AMAZING!! Seriously it could be on HGTV!

  9. Love love love your kitchen!!

  10. love the kitchen...look at all that counter space!!!

  11. Oh my goodness I love your kitchen! Love the space you have the backsplash is beautiful!

  12. HOLY MOLY!!!! Can you come do some DIY at my house??? Your kitchen is a DREAM!!!! The backsplash is perfection!!

  13. That would be hilarious if Fb did that! You Tube pretended they were going to erase all the videos, but I don't think anyone fell for it! I would love for you to come link up to my Tuesday Blog Hop!!

    xo Tori


  14. OMG I love your Kitchen and the colors! I agree you should not ever settle for anything you don't love, even if it's new rugs that you are picking out. :)

  15. That would be hilarious if FB really did that! ha! And goodness I love your kitchen!! And cute dress.

  16. I love all your pictures! Your kitchen looks absolutely beautiful [it looks like something I would pin to my "dream home" board on pinterest :) ] and that dinner looks delicious!

  17. Can I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come live at your house with you? I seriously about fell out of my chair when I looked at your absolutely breathtaking KITCHEN! OMG, that's like my dream kitchen! It's GORGEOUS girl! Can't wait to see even more pics of the new casa!


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