May 23, 2013

Engagement Weekend

In honor of my one year anniversary this coming weekend, I am going to start doing posts recapping my entire engagement/wedding experience! About time right?!?

July 3rd, 2011
The day I was engaged!

Here is how it happened:

Kevin decided to take me to San Diego for a weekend anniversary trip.
Our dating anniversary was July 2nd.
And yes he did plan to propose to me on the 2nd but I messed with that and he couldn't give the secret away ;-)

We had been dating 6 years and while some people guessed that we might get engaged that weekend, it never crossed my mind!

First off he took me to LA to get my roller coaster fix.
I am obsessed with roller coasters.
Unfortunately it wasn't that great, but we still had fun traveling together.
Nothing tops Cedar Point I guess!!

Then we drove to San Diego.
Man you Southern California drivers are fast! And I love it!

We stayed in a beautiful hotel downtown!

Then Kevin took us to have surf lessons. All my years in the water being a swimmer unfortunately did nothing for my balance on a board. It was still super fun though!
And I did not get pictures?! Nope.

Then we went back to the hotel room to get ready for our fancy dinner on Coronado Island!
So yummy for my tummy.

My big tummy that little did it know it was about to take a walk on the beach and get proposed to!

And then it happened!
I just remember stumbling over my words and kept saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh."
So composed huh...
Yay for being engaged!

And yes you will notice that he planned better bringing clothes to change in to walk on the beach and I did not. (To be fair, he knew what was going to happen...)

We then went back to the car and called my parents and sisters and his parents and sister.
Kevin and I agree that my dad had the best reaction. 
Which was what Kevin was hoping for since he kept it a surprise from EVERYONE!

Such a happy day.
The next day was the 4th of July and Kevin took me on a beautiful firework cruise after a day in Balboa Park!

One of the best weekends ever to remember!


  1. ah, love this! and love seeing the pictures of coronado island too! :) i'm impressed that he was able to keep it a secret from everyone...that's tough!

    and yes, cedar point does have the best roller coasters! we went there last summer and it was so much fun!

  2. Aww! We actually got engaged on a July 2nd--so our engagements were almost exactly a year apart! That's so cool that he had it precisely planned in the middle of doing all sorts of fun things.

  3. Aw! What a sweet story! You're such a cute couple. :)

    The Grass Skirt

  4. What a lovely story! I love the black dress you're wearing in the last pictures. It looks stunning on you!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful story!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a cute story! Love it!

  7. I love reading others' engagement stories. Your's is adorable! :-) Love it!

  8. How sweet! I love hearing about how other couples got engaged! What a great weekend!

  9. What a sweet story! That photo on the beach is gorgeous!

    The Tiny Heart
    Group Giveaway!

  10. This makes my heart smile - I love reading about being in love. Apparently I set up our engagement without knowing either, all I did was use a Groupon we had to a B&B and he did the rest. Those are the best surprises! Do you and Kevin have any big plans to celebrate?

  11. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! This is such a cute story, I love hearing about other peoples engagements and I can't wait to read about the wedding :)

  12. You two are adorable, love this!

  13. Cute! We got engaged on the beach too :) Love your two fancy dresses in the photos!

  14. so sweet I always love hearing about love stories!

  15. Just checking in from the Just Because Link-Up! These photos are beautiful! Have a great day :)

  16. very sweet story and pictures!

  17. I love everything about this and love it even more because you hit all my favorite spots. I can even see my old condo in that first hotel picture! But the Del is the best hotel ever...we almost got married there but it was a little costly to say the least. :)

    Classy with a Kick

  18. I can't think of a better place to get engaged then San Diego. So beautiful there. I've been to Coranado once and it was fantastic. So awesome that everyone was so excited and surprised about the news. That makes if fun!


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