May 24, 2013


This is a Friday where I have lots in my head. Linking up with Lauren and Ashley.

Dear shorter hair, I am liking you. 
Dear one year anniversary, wow you came up fast! Excited to celebrate with a Texas vacation for a week with Kevin followed by my friends wedding next weekend! 
Dear Kevin, I love love love you!
Dear Andrea and Dan, I am so excited about your wedding!!
Dear suitcase, could you magically fill yourself up with an off the chains wardrobe? I have nothing to wear and am a notorious underpacker.
Dear lottery winner, could you spare some change? I just had to fix my AC unit (most likely need to replace it soon, my camera up and broke on me last weekend (more on that to come later), and my husband wants to buy a grill and maybe in the near future a washer and dryer and safer car. Don't make me start a Kickstarter webpage...
Dear chocolate, why can't I get enough of you?
Dear house, I like that I cleaned you yesterday. Like really cleaned you.
Dear new house purchases, you are so pretty and make me so happy, but decorating a house also is another reason I need that Kickstarter page.
Dear work, I wish you were more consistent sometimes.
Dear roadtrip, I hope you go by fast! I love airplanes not so much cars. Starting now.

xoxo! lauren


  1. Yay for Texas vacations! We're just going to miss each other in Austin :((

  2. I have been thinking about chopping off a few inches of my hair.. but want to get it layered and I so can't do that myself.
    Happy one year anniversary!! Hope you have an amazing time in Texas!
    Have fun on your roadtrip :)

  3. Glad you like your shorter hair - I might be chopping some off soon too!!

  4. I have been thinking of chopping my hair off after I get back from a wedding next week. Glad you like yours!

  5. Just came across your blog! I love the Tuesday topics link up. How do we find out what the week's prompt is going to be?


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