May 1, 2013

I am going to be in the NFL!!

I have done nothing but work, eat, and get a little bit of sleep.
You have to go back to last Monday...I worked a 12, then Tuesday woke up early, went to a Dr.'s appointment, worked 10 hours, then got Wednesday off, woke up to work another 12 on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday and then a 16 hour on Monday, and another 10 on Tuesday. And now here I am finally, with a day off.

Yes there is tons of cleaning and laundry and errands to run, but needless to say, I felt like I was just a blur, going and going and going.

I love being a nurse and had a funny story from this weekend. Right at shift change, my patient pulled out his Foley Catheter. I went to reinsert it (Google it...) and he began talking to me to get his mind off of what was happening.

As I am inserting the catheter, the man asks me "So do aspire to be anything more than just a nurse, or is this it?" 
Haha gotta love cranky old men!

I could have been offended, but why? Instead I thought about if I wasn't a nurse, what would I be?

I dream of being a football player. I think i really missed my calling...cheering fans, team spirit, awesome color combos, grass, flying on planes, and let's face it...MONEY.

Plus I could have a banging body (from actually working out). Since I am a girl I would guess I would have to be a kicker or punter or long snapper. I think long snapper is my calling. I can't kick a ball to save my life...

Or I could just marry rich...


Good thing he is!

Hope you guys are having a great Wednesday!


  1. Ha hilarious. You must have some great patient stories! I wish we could all be football players...for the money of course! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  2. Girl, I think you should totally try out for long snapper at the NFL Combine next year!!!

  3. That's too funny! I couldn't be a football player whatsoever, I'm afraid of the ball! :D

  4. I see a professional female football team in the making! I'm in!!

  5. Haha. That's rediculous that the man thought you should be something other than a nurse. Good for you for putting a positive spin on it. :-)

  6. Bahaha I could totally see it! You'd play for the Broncs of course. You and Peyton could be all buddy buddy and chill.

  7. haha i won't google it i will only imagine but never a dull day as a nurse right especially questions like the patient asked! and i love your answer

  8. I hate that he asked you that....we couldn't do anything without nurses! I'm so glad you brushed it off, though. I couldn't imagine doing what you do...such hard work!! I do love the meme about your future husband acing his finals..haha!!

  9. Girl, you are SO busy! How do you do it all?! You're amazing!
    But seriously, have you noticed how some of the football players DON'T have bangin' bodies? How the heck do they get outta doing those workouts? Ha!

  10. Hahaha you missed your calling! That's too funny. It would be sweet though to be rich and have that bangin body :)

  11. that second ecard? successful novelists get to live like that. and there is my aspiration. :]


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