May 8, 2013

Nurse's Week

Gosh, where have I been right?! 
Right now my work schedule has just been super crazy!
All I have been doing is eating, sleeping (not a lot), and working
I am always though ever so thankful to have a job!

Speaking of work, this week is Nurse's Week! 
Here are some fun nurse-y pics.

This happens often!

So does this....ugh, so annoying!

Ahaha! Had to throw in a funny one. I think I need a candy IV.

Ugh. I am always getting better at reading such orders!

I hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to catch up on your blogs and get back into a rhythm soon!
Hopefully not a bad rhythm!
and yes I realize this isn't all that funny to too many people. haha!


  1. Love that you're a nurse! My twin sister starts nursing school at TCU next week! I'll have to tell her to check out your blog! :)

  2. I LOVE them! Happy nurses week!

  3. Yay happy nurses week!!! Hope some people around your work did something nice for you! :)

  4. I work in a Dr's office so I found that handwriting one hilarious. I've told the Dr that he has to type something out for me before becuase I couldn't read it. :-)

  5. Happy Nurses Week to you Lauren!!

  6. Happy Nurse's Week buddy :) Loved the comics!

  7. Yeah, so I totally don't get the ambulance one...I guess that's what nursing school is for. But I've noticed one thing...Angel has really nice handwriting, really pretty, like a girl's handwriting. But then he's shown me notes and forms he fills out at work, explaining to me about what he does...and it seems to me impossible to read his "work" handwriting!

  8. Just joined in your Tuesday Topics link-up. What kind of nurse are you?! I interned in the NICU this last semester before I graduated and start full-time there in June. Yay for nurses! :)


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