May 26, 2013

One Year

I have officially been Kevin's wife for one year! It really went by so fast...wasn't our wedding only yesterday?!

On the other hand, being Mrs. Thompson has felt so natural and easy...

I am blessed and thankful for this amazing first year of marriage to an amazing man!
and yes I have still been too lazy to take off the date from this picture. but I think that kinda adds something to it...okay yes it adds the date but eh well! :-]

Happy anniversary! What a year it has been for us! I can't wait to spend many more years like this with you! You are the best husband ever and I enjoy being married to you more than anything. I cannot believe I married Kevin from my 9th grade English class, but am truly happy our love story turned out the way it did. That is why I truly believe in fate. 
All my love to you on our anniversary baby!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You two are such a gorgeous couple ♥ I hope you have an amazing day and weekend!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary!!!

  4. Congratulations! Wishing you many years to come!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! And they say it only gets better after the first year--I believe it!

  6. Hope you're having a great anniversary trip!

  7. I'm little late on this post but Happy Anniversary!

  8. Happy ANniversary!!! You looked gorg!! :)

  9. Happy Anniversary! Where did you have your ceremony?

  10. You two are adorable! Happy Anniversary pretty lady!


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