May 10, 2013

Signs I am Getting Old

I have come to the glaring realization that I am getting old.
Yes I know that I am only in my mid twenties, so to some of you this may sound silly, but I feel old in many ways.

Besides wrinkles, mortgage payments, a slower metabolism and an earlier bed time, here are other things that mean you may be getting old:

1. Saturday morning hangovers sound worse than your annual trip to the gyno.
2. Because of reason 1, your idea of a wild Friday night is picking up dinner at Pizza Hut then painting your nails and watching reality TV. Oh and don't forget Pinterest!
3. Going to the grocery store, meal planning, and doing laundry all in one day means you had the most productive day ever.
4. Your mom isn't there to tell you to clean your room and your bathroom, yet you do it anyway.

5. Your greatest accomplishment of the week is a tidy kitchen, a vacuumed floor & empty laundry baskets. You also follow this by posting your success all over every social media platform. #guilty

6. The whole "ready to have a baby" age is sneaking up on you
and yet you're still telling people "Three more years!"

7. Just grabbing your flip flops spontaneously with no make up on and those short shorts you were wearing around the house no longer makes you look like a college kid running to get some chocolate. It looks like you should end up on the People of Walmart website.

8. You turn off the lights in your house for economic not romantic reasons.

Yep. Any other s/sx (signs and symptoms, happy nurse's week!) that we are getting older?

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Oh and on Tuesday come back for an exciting announcement from Tiffany and I!

Have a good weekend! I know I will! I am finally off work! YAY!


  1. Yep, this list is my life. I'm old.... ;-)

  2. I'm cracking up at #1. Such the truth. I just can't hang anymore.

  3. I must be old because all of those apply to me!

  4. I couldn't agree more with this list.
    You forgot aches and pains, I've been getting more and more lately - what the heck?!
    P.S. I totally went to bed at 6:30 the other day. Eek!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend :D

  5. I love it. I totally agree with the hangover one. I mean seriously...I actually decided to not drink because of what will happen the next day. I never did that!

    And I give the three year excuse all the time. To my husband. Although I don't have three years since I am so old...I want to keep going back in time three years. Or five. :)

    Check out the TWO GIVEAWAYS today only on Classy with a Kick

  6. Love it! I totally feel the same way! I woke up with MASSIVE back pain this morning. It's hell getting old...

  7. Bahaha these cracked me up! Totally true...especially the "getting pregnant...on purpose" ha

  8. Haha oh gosh I couldn't agree more! My life is every single ones of those. Oi vey. Haha ;)

  9. Okay, this entire post might as well have been written about me! Sometimes I feel bummed out about "getting older" but most of the time I don't even care... I love my Friday evenings at home, and my hangover-free Sundays, and my clean, tidy house!

    Lovely blog you have here!

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  10. I can relate with #7 entirely too much... lol


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