May 15, 2013


Or rather, what has Lauren been doing?
I hope you guys saw all the fun yesterday with the newest round of Tuesday Topics!

Anyway, I mentioned that I had been working tons. But I have done some other things besides work... Believe it or not...just not taking many pictures in the process.

I made some enchiladas and strawberry shortcake for my neighbor who had a baby girl!

yum yum! you can never have too much food!

I participated in Relay for Life here in town. It was small but fun!
Always ready to raise money for a good cause!
It was windy and most of my glitter flew off the bag. 

Cinco De Mayo. Kevin and I hosted our friends and had Mexican food and Margs. Kevin makes the best margs!

We hosted a game night with some friends. Yes, I did win Ticket to Ride #thankyouforasking

Mother's Day. Everyone and their mother was on social media that day. #haha #getit?
I love my mom and my mom in law. They are two of the greatest and strongest women I know!

This coming weekend we are going to New Mexico for Kevin's sister graduation. Exciting exciting! It will be fun to go!

Hopefully I can get a pedi, mani, haircut, lose 10 pounds, magically find new clothes for free in my closet, make cupcakes, and finish her gift all before Thursday night when we leave....after my 12 hour shift.

Yeah, probably not that likely, but a girl can dream...

Oh and there was a winner to the ad space giveaway! Go to Erin's page and find out if you won!


  1. I love how you put the ribbon around the food for your neighbor. That adds a nice touch.

  2. What a cute idea with food for a new baby...gotta keep that in mind!

  3. I love how you personalized the food for your friend- such a sweet idea!

  4. You have been so busy!!! Good luck with all the magic that you want to take place before Thursday night! ;-)

  5. Very awesome idea and so sweet of you! I bet your neighbors were super happy! :)

  6. I love how you packaged the dinner for your neighbor. So presh (:

  7. loved how you packaged the food up some cutely!!


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