June 24, 2013

23 in 23: Operation Follow-up

When I turned 23 I made a list here about things I wanted to accomplish.
Seeing as Friday is my birthday I should check up on that...
Here is the list again and what I accomplished!
one. Run a 5K --Thanks Color Run!
two. Save money --haha...ha.
three. Do some charity work
four. Meet a blogger friend in person
five. Adopt a dog
six. Have a fun girls weekend with my seesters
seven. Travel somewhere new with my husband --San Antonio and Austin!
eight. Start swimming again
nine. Keep learning how to blog and become better with that
ten. Go to a Denver Broncos game --we went to the stadium, but that does not count!
eleven. Keep exercising regularly
twelve. Eat more fruits and vegetables
thirteen. Try to stop this habit of stubbing my toes and tripping --I consider only stubbing my toes hard twice this year a huge HUGE success!
fourteen. Organize my wedding stuffs
fifteen. Buy a house --We absolutely postively did that!
sixteen. Explore Tucson and surrounding areas --I have gotten better at that for sure!
seventeen. Buy awesome clothes for myself --now this I did a little bit. I'll keep trying!
eighteen. Get better at doing my hair --I really haven't expanded in that area. But I did do a post on curling my hair...
nineteen. Start my career the way it needs to be
twenty. Take Kevin to IKEA and buy stuffs --I love my mirror!
twenty-one. Ride a horse
twenty-two. Keep praying and be myself
twenty-three. Just enjoy this year

12 of 23 completed. Not terrible...

Hopefully my cold doesn't stick around all birthday week...


  1. You really did do a lot this year! Having a goal to not stub your toes is certainly unique, lol. For me it would have to be not cutting myself while either cutting hair or chopping veggies.

  2. You did a lot! How fun to have a list and look back on everything you have done! Happy almost birthday!!

    Classy with a Kick

  3. Happy almost birthday! Love your list idea :) I might have to do one for my next birthday!

  4. You absolutely can't have that cold this weekend! We're coming to town and partying it up! :)

  5. Happy birth week! So exciting you want to adopt a dog! My husband and I adopted our dog from a rescue shelter, and she has been the biggest blessing! :)

  6. Good job with the goals list and well done on the charity work :) I love setting goals, making lists and crossing items off. Happy almost Birthday

  7. I think you did great!! Happy almost birthday, girl! :-)

  8. Woot! Woot! Keep going. :) Love you!!!

  9. That's pretty good! And I'd say you could cross off doing your hair since you did a post about it! Hope you start feeling better buddy!

  10. did a great job at crossing off a lot of big stuff off your list, especially buying a house, and a 5K. hope you have a wonderful birthday!! xoxo


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