June 26, 2013

Anniversary Recap

Surely an anniversary trip recap taking place a month after means it was just SO awesome that the blog just wasn't ready for its recap, right? Right. Surely it wasn't because the blogger writing the recap is just lazy. No, certainly not. That's just plain flat silly...

Anyway, Kevin and I drove to San Antonio. We chose San Antonio because one of my very best girlfriends was having her last fling before the ring!

One of the nights of her weekend fling, I crashed the party!
We went to Dick's Bar (never again)

We went to my hotel bar...where we got free drinks all night!
Yeah there is pretty awesome story there. The bride's sister was underage and a lot of places wouldn't let her in even if she wasn't going to drink. So we went to my hotel's bar! I went up to the bar to get first round when a nice guy asked if he could buy me a drink. I said I was with a bachelorette party and he bought us all a round of shots. Then he became a pusher and left his tab open for us the rest of the night!
Double fisting it with the bride having fun behind me ;-)

Then Kevin and I spent a couple of days exploring San Antonio.
We saw all five missions:

Of course we had to take the classic picture in front of the Alamo.

We explored the riverwalk:

We ate amazing food:
Seriously best plate of food I have ever had in my life was in San Antonio.
Oh and Kevin took me to a super fancy restaurant on our anniversary

Best plate I have ever had was at a cool Modern Tex Mex place. SO yummy.

Oh and there were some pretty kick ass margs too!
We had our top layer:
Oh and Kevin and I were both surprised that it was super yummy!
Then we moved on to continue our vacation at a lakeside resort outside of Austin. On our way thanks to Emily's great suggestions, we stopped at Grist Mill for some amazing food!

Then when we made it to Austin we spent lots of time by the pool!
And the lake!
We did venture one night into Austin. We walked around and saw the capital building.
We also saw people "keeping Austin weird" in fine form. Yes there was a gentleman riding a bike in nothing but a g-string. #yougoglencoco
That is one big, beautiful building!
We also went to see the bats come out from under the bridge but they came out too late and it was to dark to see them. :-/
Then we were on our way back to New Mexico for my friends wedding. First we stopped by Carlsbad Caverns!

The only thing that looked scary in there was me.
The formations were all totally awesome!
Whew. Did you make it through this post?! I had so much fun.
Until next year Kevin! :-)
Oh and first anniversary is paper. Read all about my gift to Kevin here.


  1. looks like a really fun trip!

    i am so far behind on vacation recaps...i still haven't done our trip to san diego from back in april! hoping i can get to it sometime soon!

  2. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I loved all of the pictures :D

  3. likes like you had a great time.. I want to visit some of those places .:O)

  4. What a fun anniversary trip!!! I'd love to visit all the places you guys did. :-) Also, getting free drinks all night?!??! Best bachelorette party ever! ;-)

  5. Looks like so much fun! Yay for free drinks...who are these people that just buy random girls free drinks all night?? I have no clue but I heart them!

    Classy with a Kick

  6. Looks like a wonderful anniversary!! Here's to many, MANY more for you two!

  7. Looks like ya'll had an amazing trip!! Yay for free drinks, although it can be dangerous! hah! Here's to many more for ya'll!! xoxo!

  8. Wow, what a fun anniversary trip! You guys got to do so many fun things.
    Whenever I come to Texas, I'm definitely coming to you for a to-do list ;D

  9. we went to san antonio last summer and I really liked it there! yummy margaritas! I love your purple dress. new mexico is on my must visit list!

  10. aww your anniversary trip looks lovely! I miss my home state! I haven't been to san Antonio in forever! AND the grist mill, YES!!!!

    THanks for linking up with us :)


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