June 13, 2013

Camera Conundrum

I have been on a whirlwind of fun! Now I am back and ready to recap.
Okay yes I am recapping a couple of my fun things that may have happened ages ago, but I promise I have a good excuse!!

I was at my sister-in-law's high school graduation. I go to snap a picture with my camera and I realize that the camera gets very hot. I snap another one and realize that there is smoke coming out of my camera. I take another picture to make sure I am not crazy and sure has heck I see smoke, smell burning, and my camera is hot to the touch.

Fan. Freaking. Tastic.

*I should also mention I have problems with my cell phones, the new TV in the bedroom won't work for many reasons, but main one being I tried to watch it, and Kevin has never let me turn on Pandora. For some reason if I deal with Pandora it doesn't work. Keep me away from your electronics people!*

I hand it off to Kevin and he says it is the capacitor and that the camera didn't last long with me.
Didn't last? But Mr. Electrical Engineer, you can't fix it?
Most likely....no.

Now I am in the market for a new camera...where I can turn on the flash if I need to...
And now I shall share pictures of what has been going on in my life lately by compiling them from my Nexus, my camera without a flash, my camera with a flash (what it is broken already might as well get out a couple of pics out of it while I can), and other people's cameras.

So I had a point and shoot. My plan was when I was ready to have children I would buy a DSLR (that is the correct acronym right?!)
That would be when I needed high quality photos and felt like I could justify spending that.

Just for the record I don't know crap about photography. I want to learn but I will be honest about time and money being an issue. 

I am not having kids right now, but was thinking I might as well have a DSLR (man am I going to be real embarrassed if that is not the correct name for the fancy cameras I am thinking of...)

I mean I am a blogger (who makes no money), I should have a nice camera and nice pics right?
Kevin was the one that actually suggested dropping big bucks on a camera.
He just wants the greatest and latest in anything electronic. 

Lucky me and my pocketbook...

So any recommendations you camera savvy people out there on what I should get, what I need to do to learn, etc...?

Oh and here are some pictures of what I have been up to!

Lots of food:

Time with one of my best girlfriends:

My sister in law graduating:
 Lauren and I

  Proud brother of the graduate turns up in a couple of these photos!

 My parents came out to see her graduate!

 Sister love

 Ah yes, one with the sunglasses...it hides the bags under my eyes makes me look cool.

 All graduated!

 Yeah the sunglasses def make us look cooler than we are...

The cousins

Enough pictures? Okay...

Well we also spent time by the pool.

Yes that is my husband going off his childhood waterslide...in his shorts since I forgot to pack his swim trunks. Whoops.

I had a "Pley Date" with some friends!
I love using Yelp to find all sorts of amazing restaurants and services no matter where I go!
I was able to go to an event that our Yelp Community Manager put on and it was phenomenal!
We ate, drank, and played around the Tucson Children's Museum!

We had our one year anniversary trip which will get a recap post all to itself and one of my best girlfriend's weddings which also gets a post to itself since you are tired of reading this one.

Okay comment below on cameras people, I am a desperate uneducated subject on this matter!
Thanks in advance!! :-)


  1. I have a Canon 60D and love it. I really need to learn to use it correctly though!

  2. Oh girl, this post is right up my alley! :-)

    I am definitely a Canon girl, so, I recommend starting out with one of the Canon Rebel cameras. I started out with one before upgrading to full frame cameras, and they are super easy to use and are great starter cameras. I've had the Canon Rebel T3i, and it was a great camera; very easy to use! They released the Canon Rebel T4i not too long ago, so that may be an option as well. I would also suggest investing in a decent lens. The lenses that come with the cameras are 'kit' lenses, and work fine to start, but once you start to learn the camera, you may want something 'more.' You can purchase a 50mm 1.8 lens for pretty cheap (like $100 or so) and that will give you lots more low-light options so you don't always have to use your in-camera flash.

    As you can see, I can go on about this all day long. If you have ANY questions at all, ask away. Being able to talk about camera equipment is amazeballs to me. :-)

    P.S. That dress you're wearing in the graduation pics is ADORABLE! Love it! :-)

  3. That food looks amazing! I have a nice Sony but I haven't actually taken the time to really learn the ends and outs of it. It's on the to-do list!

  4. OMG...what kind of camera did you have!!?? That is crazy!!

    I have a Canon 5D Mark II...obviously, you probably wouldnt get something full-frame like I have if you aren't doing it professionally...(as its way more than a camera should ever cost!!) but I definitely LOVE Canons!! I would suggest getting a Rebel. The T3 is a great started camera and easy to learn from! Its the most reasonable DSLR that I would suggest, and usually always comes with a starter lens too so you wouldnt have to buy a lens for a while! Hope this helps!!

  5. Sorry about your camera! That's crazy! As far as DSLRs go, I just recently upgraded to a Canon 5d Mark II from my beloved Canon Rebel T2i. The T2i was really amazing once I learned how to use it well and would be just fine for what you are looking for without breaking the bank. They have released the T3i and T4i and I'm sure those are just as fantastic.

    On a crop sensor (which is what Rebels have), a 50mm feels a bit long, but they are cheap so it doesn't hurt to have one (especially for close up portraits). Canon also released a 40mm pancake lens last summer that I LOVED on my T2i. It is the perfect length for most anything and very sharp and quiet, too.

    As far as learning to use it, my biggest advice is to learn how to shoot manually. You will really get to know how each setting influences the others and you will have control over what you want your photos to look like. I also like reading the articles on http://digital-photography-school.com to learn virtually anything. They also have a pinterest board with links to many more useful websites.

    Sorry I wrote you a mini-book, but I love photography and hope I helped! :)

  6. I made the pictures! :) Oh, and I'm in agreement with all of the girls above ;)
    Love ya!

  7. Obvi I'm super behind on the times, but I love my DSLR (and yea, you said it right.) It's *I think* a Nikon D3000. My dad got it for me for my birthday for SUPER cheap compared to say Best Buy at beach cameras. If you'd like, I can ask him for some advice! Or you can take a look at mine and see if you like it.

    PS, I might need Mr. Electrical Engineer's help with my computer :/ I tried to get Ryan to fix it, but no dice.


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