June 10, 2013

Easy Peasy Squeezy: Chairs

When I graduated college, I scrambled to get some furniture for Kevin and I in our rental house. I found a girl selling a table and chairs for 100. Score. That is all I need. Please and thank you very much.

So now I am looking at this set thinking it really just...doesn't go with my design idea. But I am cheap and need to be resourceful.

So I put this table outside.
I mean have you seen how much lawn furniture costs?
This works for the amazing AZ nights (when it is below 100 that is...)

But it still was just kinda...bleh.
So I reupholstered it!

All for the low low price of 12.99 plus tax.
(assuming you have a staple gun already)

Here is how. Start out with chair.

Then cut your fabric. I went to HomeGoods and bought an indoor/outdoor tablecloth!
And start stapling! Simple as that. Make sure your pattern is straight if you have a pattern and cut or ensure extra fabric is folded and stapled well so that the fabric is taut and secure.

Then you have a seat to go back on the chair. I got Kevin to help me because the stapling was hard...maybe harder for me with my clubbed thumbs but that is beside the point....

But then I found that it was a little harder to screw and secure the seats to the chair with the extra fabric. All we needed to do was have me sit on the chair while Kevin finished screwing it in.

I tried to get a picture of this process...instead it just looks like Kevin is a dirty pervert.
How does it look back there Kevin?!?
Kevin probably was done with me at this point, I am not even sharing the ones where it looks like he was dead on the floor...

Okay that is a better angle...

And then you have a set of beautiful chairs!

Easy Peasy Squeezy!


  1. They look so great!!! Good for you! :-)

  2. Wow that looks pretty good!

  3. Love these! I am also obsessed with your backsplash in the kitchen!

  4. Wow, that's a huge improvement! Furniture is so expensive, it's definitely worth it to work with what you already have!

  5. Beautiful!!! I love the pattern and color you chose! :) xo

  6. Please please please show us before and after pics of the house! Looks like you guys did an awesome job!

  7. those look so good! Love the fabric choice too

  8. I love the new fabric!! Great choice :)

  9. Loooove them! Love the fabric choice, looks great in your stylish and amazing kitchen!

  10. I love the fabric you used!! Great job :D

  11. I love the print you chose! And your kitchen is gorgeous! We redid a set of chairs last year and it totally transformed the table set. And, it's our outside set now!

    Great job!

    1. P.S. LOL @ Kevin being a dirty pervert. I mean, you were screwing things in...

  12. Love the print you chose! Looks awesome!

  13. I love the chairs! You did a great job :) I know you bought them from somebody, but do you know what store they are from originally? I just recently found your blog and I love it! I'm an RN and can definitely relate! I just started a blog a couple of months ago, at this point it's been mostly ag related stuff but I plan to blog about home decor, nursing, relationships, everything really! If you're interested in following it.


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