June 14, 2013

The Dress

Most girls go into their dress fitting knowing exactly what they want in a dress. A vision. I did not. I decided to try and pick one dress in a picture to bring. For some reason I had it in my mind that going in without some sort of idea was me unprepared.

So I arrive at the bridal salon and show the really nice girl who helped me with my dress shopping my picture.

I so appreciated her honesty when she immediately said the dress in the picture would not look good on my body.

I am sure she saved me from trying on unnecessary dresses.

She knew from the second she looked at me what kind of dress would look good on me.
I tried four dresses on.
The third dress was my dress.

I took my mom and my sister to the dress fitting.
Anyone ever seen Say Yes to the Dress?
Too many people is a big problem.
I do wish my other sister was able to make it though.

The dress fit perfectly. I needed to lose a couple pounds to remove the back fat and it was a little long for me (and yes I did trip slightly at my wedding) but other then that, perfect.

I bought it that day straight from the floor. Kept me within budget. Granted the top of my budget, but it was worth it!
My favorite part was the back.

I also got a veil there. I thought it was too much and I wasn't sure I liked it, but my mom told me to trust her.
She always knows what I like before I do.

Kevin liked it too.


  1. You look gorgeous in your dress!! That's so awesome that you had an easy time finding it. I also didn't really know what I wanted in a dress--I knew I wanted it not-sleeveless and not-big/princessy and that was it. And I found my perfect dress the 3rd one I tried on, too!

  2. Your dress is beautiful! Picking out my wedding dress was probably my favorite part of the planning process :)

  3. You and your dress are so beautiful!

  4. Love your dress! Those pics are amazing :) I worked at a bridal salon for 4 years, I felt like I was to the point where I knew exactly what dress would be perfect for that bride. Such a fun job!

  5. Your dress is beautiful, you look like you were a gorgeous bride! Did your veil have beading all the way around the edge? It looks really similar to mine in these pictures!

  6. You looked absolutely gorgeous in your dress, pretty lady! I was like you, too - I went in with lots of magazine pictures but not a single one was close to the dress I ended up getting. Always works out for the best though, like you said, because the dress I did end up buying is my favorite thing in the world! It's boxed up in a closet, but I kinda wish I could put it on every day... ;)

  7. Freaking beautiful! You look amazing in that dress!!! :)

  8. Ohhh my gorgeous!

    You looked stunning...and nbd about tripping a little bit, the pictures last forever and they are so worth it.

  9. I LOVE that dress! It's beautiful, and those pictures are gorgeous. I need to get back into my dress and take some better pictures in mine to share on my blog. You have inspired me! =)

  10. Your dress was amazing and that photo on the church pew is incredible. Looks like it was a beautiful setting for pics! Can't wait to read more details of the day!

  11. GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutely love this on you! SO did you buy it off the rack??
    I cant WAIT to share my dress to the blog world! :) two more months!!


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