June 4, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Eight Goals for this Month

The month of June is now upon us! Holy heck where did the time go?!
What are some goals I have for this month?!

Have a good birthday
Honestly due to different circumstances I haven't spent a birthday with Kevin since I was 17. I am determined to have him at my birthday this year! Plus sad things keep happening around my birthday. I want a happy birthday this year!

Finish and continue house updates and decor
They say it is never ending...

Blog about the awesome things I have done with the house and continue on my wedding recap posts
Cause I have fun doing those!

Lose some weight and work out consistently
This is a big one! No pun intended...

I would like these arms, back, and hair. Please and thank you!

Read a book
I have been so busy I have neglected reading which makes me happy. This will be a month of happy!

Get a lot of deep cleaning done
I am already doing a great job on this! A post to come more on this tomorrow!

Gotta make that money honey!

Don't get sunburned
I wanna look freaking awesome as I age. Plus with my rosacea I burn in a hot second.

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. Happy birthday month from a fellow June birthday girl! I'm celebrating my birthday at Toby Keith's. You should come! I've never been there before so it should be fun.

    One of my goals is to get fit, too! And I can't wait to hear about this deep cleaning thing. I need some motivation!

  2. Oh man, I hope you have a really awesome birthday!! And hurray for no sunburn--you have two very good reasons!

  3. Right there with you on the Sunburn. Been slathering on SPF four million since I was ten, and I still get at least one bad burn every year. Your ecard cracked me up. Yesterday in the link party I was in, someone posted a tweet from a woman, and since I refuse to get on Twitter (don't need another time suck in my life!) I proclaimed it as the quote of the day. I think it should have more than a 24 hour run though: "I've never done Ecstasy, the drug, but I have taken off my bra at the end of the day, so pretty much the same thing."

  4. Great goals - we can do it!!! :)

  5. June is my birthday month, too!

    Read a book... that's a great one. And definitely a goal I should have added.

  6. I am also a June birthday girl! And I always have a reading goal - just never get to it as much as I used to be able to or would like! Same with cleaning! Hope you have a great month!!

  7. I hope that everything works out for your birthday this month! That would be awesome for Kevin to finally be there to celebrate it with you :D
    I definitely want to see more house pictures ha ha!
    Hope you are able to take time to get some deep cleaning done and read a book! I wouldn't be very happy if I didn't have time to read.
    Good luck with your goals!!

  8. Love your goals! Definitely pulling for you on the birthday one...mine is next month and I'm trying to plan for it now since it's a big one!! Interested to hear what book you choose to read. I have been on a reading kick myself lately!! Good luck with all the others :)

  9. Happy Birthday! I really hope you get to reach your goals this month.

    Thank you for hosting as always!

  10. When is your birthday?? Mine's in June too :)

  11. How did I not think of "not getting sunburned" as a goal!? I'm super pale so me and the sun aren't great friends and when I do get sunburned, it hurts so much!


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