June 18, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Six Favorite Products

Well hello Tuesday Topic Friends! It is that time again!
Remember every time you link up gives you an entry into a giveaway after the last topic! Of course there will be more topics after this, but we thought this would  be a fun way to say thank you for all of you who link up! I love reading all of your guy's posts!!

Oh and some minor blog news from me, if you see the email:
That is me!
Yep! New blog email!

Moving on, moving from New Mexico to Arizona, I did not think that it would be that big of an adjustment. Both dry, hot climates right?

Well for one the temp difference may only be 5-10 degrees, but it makes all the difference...especially in the summertime now. (I am telling myself I will acclimate).

And secondly, I did not realize how much dryer it would be here.
Holy heck my skin is freaking out!

So with this week I realized I left this very open ended.
My favorite household products, beauty products, what products do you wanna know about?!

I chose these products  because they are ones that I like a specific brand on.
Usually I am not brand specific or product specific.
Like makeup? I don't have my specific brand of mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, etc...
Don't get me wrong, I love the top brands, but I don't need that specific brand on my specific product.
Except toilets. I only buy Kohler toilets.

Now that I have scared you with my weirdness about toilets, here are six of my favorite products!

one // My day time lotion // two // My night time lotion // three // My eye cream
four // My body lotion // five // My Sonicare // six // Listerine pocket strips
Bonus // Walgreen's Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

I hope you guys all had a great weekend! Mine consisted of baseball, working, grilling on our new grill, and hanging out with Kevin!

Life. Love.Lauren


  1. :P I've definitely never bought a toilet, I can't imagine what brand I'd prefer.

  2. Call me weird but I've never gotten into anything that has to dissolve in your mouth. I've tried those Listerine things before and they didn't work so well.

  3. I bet Tiffany is excited to see that Sonicare is on your list of fav products. I need to hear all about how you added an email to your blogger account. I had tried doing this when I first started blogging and when I would comment under the other email addy it wouldn't notify the blogger. It was so annoying I ended up taking that email off my account.

  4. I love Curel and wish I had some right now for my tattoo! It stings if i put any lotion on it that has alcohol in it. You wouldn't believe how many lotions have alcohol! I heard Curel does not. Eucerin is a good one, too.

  5. I also selected my Sonicare toothbrush! It's awesome!

  6. I would not survive without my sonicare! Regular teeth brushing does not work well for me anymore and my hand gets tired (how sad is that?).

    Classy with a Kick

  7. I looooove Eucerin! I have excema and this is one of the only products that works for me! And I agree with you, this dry heat is a biooootch!

  8. I really need to get a good skin care regiment!


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