June 29, 2013

Twenty Four Things...Gilmore Girls Lessons

The title of the blog post makes me think about that quote from Gilmore Girls when Rory turns 21. 
"My mom and I had been planning for my twenty-first birthday... We were going to go to Atlantic City and sit at a blackjack table at eleven fifty-nine, and we'd be playing twenty-one when I turned twenty-one. We were going to drink martinis, and win money, and go buy twenty-one things, and there was this thing including twenty-one guys that would be totally inappropriate now that I'm with you."

Any Gilmore Girls fans in the house?!?

So here are my 24 things.
1. One. That's the amount of years you have left until your mom starts asking for grandkids. 
2. It makes your stomach turn thinking about 25 next year.

3. Then you start thinking about 30.
4. Renting a car is nearly impossible. If you want to rent a car it costs about $300 more than a 25 year old would pay. 
5. Work. Work. Work. you work all day and your income doesn't show it. Everyone making more money than you says "It'll pay off, keep working hard" ........ you nod your head and say "you're right, you're right" over and over again until you are blue in the face. You have been doing this since you graduated.
6. "Enjoy that metabolism while you can" is a thing of the past and now you know why people were telling you that when you were younger. The obvious growing muffin top freaks you out!
7. Oh and let's talk about those dimples on your cheeks that are magically appearing...or let's not.

8. Going on an interview and they ask "What are your hobbies?" .... um, work?
9. Wrinkles around your eyes, lips, and forehead become more noticeable.You start researching anti-wrinkle creams, figuring out which ones really work. Amazon leads you to the most expensive cream ever so you consider Botox instead.

10. College students look like 8th graders.
11. You consider it more and more a compliment to get carded.
12. You know about stocks and bonds and Roth IRAs and you weren't even a business major.
13. You have baby names picked out.
14. Your youngest sister point out things you do "because you are old".
15. Places you shop are becoming different. The days of going and buying a cute expensive top are replaced by thoughts of where that money could go...like maybe to the AC service I have been putting off...
16. You wonder where your stamina went? How were you so busy in high school and college and got everything done, but can't manage to get your laundry and grocery shopping done all in one day?!

17. You complain in a previous post about getting old.
18. All of these pro athletes are younger than you. 

24. My last reason is simple.... you can't even think of 24 things that are bad, but that is happy, because despite all the unhappies, there just as many reasons that the year of 24 will be awesome!
This 24-year-old is looking forward to the next year... I have a feeling it'll be a good one ;-) I'll pay the bills, buy wrinkle cream, and love my handsome husband more than ever!


  1. oh man i LOVE gilmore girls :) now i have to go look for more awesome memes with their hilarious quotes!

    happy birthday!!

  2. I am obsessed with the gilmore girls. I love this! I'm sure your 24th year will be a great one!

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope this is a great year for you!!

  4. What, you get to be 25 before your mom starting playing the "I need grandkids this minute" card? Crazy. My Mom's been saying "Grandbabies?" since the day after I got married. :P

    Have an awesome year!

  5. Haha love Gilmore Girls! Have a great birthday! xoxo

  6. Gilmore Girls is my FAVORITE! :D Happy Birthday! :)

  7. I love this! I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan back in the day. Were you a Dean or Logan fan?

  8. Take it from someone who recently turned 30- it only gets worse! Love me some Gilmore Girls!!!

  9. I love the Gilmore Girls! Don't worry, you're young. I'm 34!

  10. Haha. Some of these are pretty funny! Wish I were there to have a Gilmore Girls marathon with you! :)

  11. LOVE Gilmore Girls, and love this post. 24 is still plenty young, don't you worry. I'm starting to freak a tiny bit because I'm only 2.5 short years away from 30....eeek!!!

  12. LOVE number 10! It's so true! Haha..

  13. I hate when companies ask you, "What are some of your hobbies?". Its like, what does this have to do with my interview and why I'm applying here?? Unless if I get paid to shop at this company, there's no need for me to answer this question! ;D

    LOVED these GG photos! Hilarious!

  14. thirty? i would LOVE to be thirty. it's forty that sucks ass. I have to remind myself everyday that i am NOT in my thirties anymore.

  15. Love the Gilmore Girls! Happy belated birthday! And you are so not old! I'm 27 and it makes me want to cry sometimes, haha.

  16. Ahhhhhhh I miss this show SOOO much! I hated the way it ended! Lorelia and Luke NEED to be together & there was too many questions not answered. Wahh.

  17. I've watched a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls and liked it, but never got around to watching all of the seasons. I will have to! I love this list :D I will be turning 24 in November, eek!

  18. I love Gilmore Girls! :) I also loved this post :)


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