July 31, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner

So now that you know about my rehearsal and all the crazy things happening. I will have you know that I made it to my rehearsal dinner on time! Thanks to Kevin driving me while I furiously applied some makeup. It was only a five minute drive from the rehearsal space to the dinner...

Our rehearsal dinner was put on by Kevin's parents. Kevin's parents are friends with a wonderful chef who did our rehearsal dinner on the NMSU campus. Every detail was perfect!

 Caraline and Ellie (haha and Damon!)


 Kevin's parents

 Travys and Jason (Both were groomsmen)

Lauren (Kevin's sister) and Lily (her cousin)

 Socializing and having fun!

  Some of my family, from top left: Tess, Uncle Chris, Ellie, Uncle Stu, Aunt Doris, and Grandma Donovan

My table with my family and friends!

This was our menu:
Our wine came from a local winery that I love!

Then we parted! I went and got my beauty sleep. I was wiped!

July 30, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Ten Things I Live For

It is a great day to be alive! I am so lucky to be living for so many different things!

Kevin and being a great wife: We have been together since I was 16 and have grown every year since into a most amazing team. Everyday, I may not succeed, but I try and be the best wife that I can be.
This is me being a good wife and hiking with that husband of mine!

Family: I love when we can all be together. I didn't choose my family, but I got pretty lucky with them. I wouldn't trade them for anything. I live to be the best daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, and in the future best aunt, mom, and grandmother I can be.

Friends: I just love surrounding myself with lots of fun and happy people.

My Job: I really am now digging my job. I am thankful everyday I have a job. I live to serve my patients and my family by going and working hard everyday.

Travelling: I love experiencing new places with people I love. Simple as that.

Football: 37 days! But who is counting...

Chocolate: Reese's cups, Peppermint Patty's, Kit Kats....yum! Oh and cake...cause who doesn't like chocolate cake?!?

Beautiful things: Simple love of beautiful things makes me sooo happy! Capturing these beautiful moments increases my happiness.
All of it.

Blogging: This has been and continues to be a fun way to get to know amazing people and chronicle my life well! I love blogging!

Everything else: Volunteering for a great cause, America, Music, Summer nights, great food, Fall days, Holidays, the smell of flowers or freshly baked cookies, a clean and happy home, memories, success stories, and most importantly....me!

Live it up people and next Tuesday Tiffany and I will be announcing the winners from the Tuesday Topics Giveaway we just had!


July 23, 2013

Tuesday Topics: One Lifelong Dream

One lifelong dream. This one is hard. I have so many dreams and wants in this life and thankfully I have been blessed so much!

So now I am sitting here on a Monday night writing this when I should be asleep to wake up 6 hours from now...trying to think...of what to write.

Which leads me to the dream of being a mom.

No, nothing to announce here, but I have always wanted to be a mom.
Since I was little and still now.

Adorable!!  Both outfit

I don't know when this will happen, but I for one am excited!
I already quote my mom! ;)

Maybe to these guys first, but ultimately a mother to one...or two...or maybe three little ones?

There have been many different dreams that I have dreamed, but this one has always been a constant dream.

Don't forget to link up and enter in the giveaway where the winners will be announced next Tuesday.

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Oh and the next topics are ready for ya ;-)


Life. Love.Lauren

July 22, 2013

Help Wanted!

I have decided I need to change some habits. I need to eat better and consistently exercise. 
Here is where you come in.
I am looking for recipes and such to really start a cleanse in order to help me lose weight and fight off chocolate and bad carbohydrate cravings.
(note I do not like fish besides shrimp and tuna)

Anyone willing to help me will get a shout out on my blog when I follow through with your advice.
You are what you eat!
I also need advice on how to learn how to use my brand new big girl camera. 
I have a Canon Rebel T3.
How about a guest post to help me out so I have some great advice?

I am not feeling good about my body, so my changes start now. I know this is going to be super hard for me, so any help would be so helpful!!!

Have a happy Monday!!

July 17, 2013

Bridal Shower

Having my bridal shower really kicked off the feeling of "Woah! I am getting married!" It was super fun to get together with all my best girls with lots of laugh, fun, and good food!

My maid of honor Caraline hosted and did a beautiful job!

All of my bridesmaids:
From left: my sister Tess, my sister Ellie, Me!, Caraline, and my sister in law Lauren

There was really good food and the cutest decorations going with my pink and green wedding colors!

 The dessert table was frequented by me!

Picture of our table. Boy does Ellie look excited or what?! haha!

The entryway

I was spoiled rotten with gifts and good company. We played lots of fun games too!
 My mother in law Carla won at Bridal Scattergories! 

 My mom and I (She hates this pic of her. At least I look good! haha!!)

 Some of my best girlfriends!

 See, told ya! Spoiled!

Everyone brought me a recipe for me to add to my married life.

What a memorable day filled with lots of laughs and yummy food!

July 16, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Two Travels

Ready for some pre-blog travels people?
And some photo overload?

Oh and if you make it down to the bottom there is a giveaway at the end for ya...

That Time I Went to Hawaii
Yeah quite the lucky ducky. Kevin's family took us to Kauai for Christmas back in 2010! It was beautiful!
 The view from one of the places we stayed. Complete with a Christmas tree on the beach!

 Having fun in that cold ocean!



 And yay for time at the beach!

We went to a luau which was lots of fun too!

As a kid, the only vacations I ever took were to Ohio to visit family. They live in Cleveland and Columbus areas.
The year Kevin and I graduated from High School, my parents took him with us!

My favorite things:
messing around with my sisters
hanging out with family
squire's castle
green trees
indian's games
beach time
niagra falls
light saber fights with my cousin
walks down the country road
easton shopping

Jeez, I look so young in all of these! Hope you enjoyed my blast from the past!

Let me hear your travel memories and then be sure to enter in this awesome Tuesday Topics giveaway!!
Follow Tiffany and I and get extra entries for each one of your past link ups these past ten weeks!
Good luck!!
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Life. Love.Lauren

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