July 5, 2013

Bouncy Curls

I don't know how to really do my hair, but I do know how to use hot rollers. I promise you it is way lazier than straightening or blow drying your hair. It gives me some really nice bouncy curls without a lot of effort. Here is how!

Now first off, most people claim that dirty hair does better with hot rollers and while that may be, my hair gets too oily for that. I usually don't have a problem getting the rollers to hold to my hair, but you can use massive amounts of hair spray to give the hold something to cling to.

K right, so....

I start at the crown of my head.  Hair tends to look better with a little volume at the crown. I have tons of hair so it makes it harder for me to get volume at the top (trust me, no one has been able to show me how to get mad amounts of volume that works for me...) Anyway starting at the crown does help, since my hair doesn't seem to be completely plastered to my head per usual.

Roll the rest of your hair, make sure you twist the ends completely.
You will notice I roll under. No need for me to bring the Farrah back....

Then hold tight and let those puppies cool when you have them all in your hair. I don't worry about if it's perfect or not.  The best thing about hot rollers is how forgiving the look is.  As long as all the hair gets up into the rollers (without too much hair on each one), then it will look fine.Yeah you look silly now, but calm down and have a peppermint patty and just laugh at me for posting these pictures of me.

I like to give them a spritz of all over hairspray then take them out, shape them to my liking (if you run your fingers through your hair it loosens some of the tighter curls and spray them down with hairspray.

Right now I like Pantene Anti Humidity Medium Thick Hairspray
I love the smell and it works for me!

Then I end up with a look like this:

Let me note...
I only work with the highest quality products. 
Just don't even ask me how old they are...I have no idea.

And yes I do have to hold the broken case together with a hair clip. I am just so sophisticated like that...

I would be happy to review new ones...hint hint to anyone out there. :-)
Happy curling!


  1. Ah hot rollers! My mom has an amazing set that I used to use all the time... Maybe I should FINALLY get some of my own.

  2. So ironic you just posted this because I was JUST about to look up how to get pretty curled hair. I forgot all about hot rollers!

  3. I used to use hot rollers all the time. You've inspired me to bring them out of retirement!

  4. You have such beautiful hair. I love the bouncy curls!
    The Grass Skirt

  5. I've actually never used hot rollers on any one--but I've always heard good things. Your hair turned out beautifully!

    And really, the only non-damaging way to get a lot of volume if you have thick, heavy, or coarse hair is short layers. And short layers aren't helpful if you want long hair. Hence, why I have very short hair! :P

  6. Hoping my little daughters get told this in about 13 years - they have the loveliest blonde curls right now. Sadly, I suspect they'll want straight hair and lose the curls altogether!

  7. I used to use my mom's old hot rollers occasionally. I have curly hair, but I tried to get it more even. it's really amazing how your straight hair gets curly though!

  8. I'm a big hot roller fan...esp after Elliott's arrival. I can leave them in as long as I want to...it's awesome. I do mine exactly how you do :)


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