July 17, 2013

Bridal Shower

Having my bridal shower really kicked off the feeling of "Woah! I am getting married!" It was super fun to get together with all my best girls with lots of laugh, fun, and good food!

My maid of honor Caraline hosted and did a beautiful job!

All of my bridesmaids:
From left: my sister Tess, my sister Ellie, Me!, Caraline, and my sister in law Lauren

There was really good food and the cutest decorations going with my pink and green wedding colors!

 The dessert table was frequented by me!

Picture of our table. Boy does Ellie look excited or what?! haha!

The entryway

I was spoiled rotten with gifts and good company. We played lots of fun games too!
 My mother in law Carla won at Bridal Scattergories! 

 My mom and I (She hates this pic of her. At least I look good! haha!!)

 Some of my best girlfriends!

 See, told ya! Spoiled!

Everyone brought me a recipe for me to add to my married life.

What a memorable day filled with lots of laughs and yummy food!


  1. Looks like a blast!! So glad you are recapping your wedding things!! :)

  2. What a fun bridal shower!! I love the decorations!

  3. i love that everyone had to bring a recipe, that is an awesome idea! you had a lovely bridal shower

  4. Aw, so fun! Having awesome friends who all want to come together and celebrate with you is the best feeling ever. :)

  5. Awww... That looks like it was a wonderful shower! :-)

  6. So cute! You looked so pretty :)
    And I got recipes from everyone at one of my bridal showers too. I loved the idea.

  7. Everything is SO cute! :) Getting recipes was one of my fave parts of my bridal shower!

  8. What a cute shower! It looks like you had an amazing time!

  9. Ahhh cute shower!!! Cute Decorations!!! Ahh its been a while since i have talked to you.. not cool not cool...#erinfail! hah! xoxo

  10. Cute dress and love the recipe idea! :)

  11. Oh! I'm so envious! I got married twice but nobody ever threw a bridal shower for me. :(

    I bet you had a lovely time!

  12. seriously loving your wedding colors!

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