July 10, 2013

Buffalo Balls

Seriously! I made buffalo balls! They were really good. They are so much easier to eat and in my opinion make than wings! 

Plus they are healthy! Kevin says not because there is lots of fat, but there is less fat then if I used ground beef! This is low carb and high protein which is good if I could commit to being low carb...

Excuse my ramble. Let's get you onto this goodness:

Buffalo Balls

For the Balls:
1 lb of ground turkey
2 oz of cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of celery (or lettuce if you forgot to buy celery...oops, still worked!)
3 tablespoons of crumbled blue cheese
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
For the sauce:
1/2 stick (4 oz) butter
1/2 cup of Frank's Red Hot Sauce

Combine all the meatball infredients in a bowl. The mix will be sticky and gooey but that is normal. Form into about 1 inch balls. Place them on a greased cookie sheet (with sides) and bake at 250 degrees for 10 min. 

To make the sauce combine the Frank's and butter and place in a microwave safe bowl for 2 minutes on high.

After 10 minutes remove the balls from the oven (They will look NASTY, that means you did it right!) and dunk carefully into the sauce. Be careful here because they are tender and could fall apart. Pour the rest of the sauce (if any) over the balls. Put back onto the cookie sheet and bake for another 12 minutes.

I took some blue cheese dressing and dipped them in there. I really like blue cheese! These balls in and of themselves have a subtle blue cheese flavor which means you don't need to dunk them in anything, but it is up to you!


  1. Holy buffalo balls. This looks amazing!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, my husband would absolutely love these! I'm going to have to remember this recipe! Thanks for sharing!


  3. These look great! Pinning :)

  4. Those sound AMAZING- I might need to make these very soon... like this weekend :)

  5. Yep...definitely making these!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. I will HAVE to do this. We love Buffalo anything!

  7. These looks awesome! We are fans of anything spicy in this house.

  8. This looks amazing! Yum!

  9. Hi!! I'm a new follower!! These look so good!! Might be making them for our next get together!! Thanks so much for the recipe!!

    I'm doing a linkup on my blog today for Thirsty Thursday if you want to stop by!! The Orange Lush is my drink and it's so good!!!

  10. I want some of these. Now. Omg.


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