July 8, 2013

God Bless America...and This Weekend!

Yeah this weekend was pretty amazing. I went to San Diego with Kevin and some of our friends met us up there.

My new camera and I got a little carried away...
 The view from our hotel room. We stayed in Little Italy with some great food choices nearby!

 On the 4th we celebrated our country aboard the USS Midway!


 Then we met up with friends for dinner and fireworks (and a giant margarita. Because really, how else should I celebrate America's birthday?!)

 There is your obligatory fireworks pic. Although I am sure you have probably seen more firework pictures today than you ever want to again, San Diego puts on quite the fireworks show on the bay! Spectacular!

 Of course we wouldn't miss the beach. We went to La Jolla and it was way to crowded. We sat on the rocks watching the waves and I ended up getting splashed by a humongous wave. 

 On our last day we woke up to the Little Italy farmers market right outside of our hotel. So perfect! We enjoyed a breakfast there!

 I think this sign was meant for me.

After the farmer's market we went to Coronado beach with our friends. Fun to be back at the beach where Kevin and I had gotten engaged two years prior. Both Kevin and I have fantastic sunburns to remember the day by!

Omitted, all the great food and galato we ate and a crap ton more pictures. Like I said. I really got carried away...

I love our country and am so happy to have had such a great weekend filled with food, fun, and relaxation.
Now onto work!


  1. well looks like your camera is working!! such gorgeous pics! looks like an absolute blast!

  2. I'm jealous.. Of your trip and your new camera! Looks like a perfect weekend!

  3. My Dad knows a few people aboard Midway, I can't wait until one day I get to go visit. Glad you had a good trip!

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend! We have toured the USS Alabama and USS Lexington, and I know the USS Midway is on my husband's list!


  5. beautiful photos and a fun way to celebrate the 4th!!

    san diego looks awesome!

  6. I love the photos!! Looks like so much fun :D

  7. Love all the pics! Looks like a great trip to one of my favorite places!

  8. Oh my gosh, how FUN! We were soooo close to you, but still so far ;) ha ha! LOVE that picture of you two in front of the flag!

  9. Looks like you guys had a blast!! That Farmer's Market looks wonderful! :-)

  10. How fun! I love San Diego...my husband and I thought about moving there!
    Looks like you had a really fun trip! And I love that blue top on you!

  11. So glad you had a great trip! Oh how I love San Diego! :)


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