July 22, 2013

Help Wanted!

I have decided I need to change some habits. I need to eat better and consistently exercise. 
Here is where you come in.
I am looking for recipes and such to really start a cleanse in order to help me lose weight and fight off chocolate and bad carbohydrate cravings.
(note I do not like fish besides shrimp and tuna)

Anyone willing to help me will get a shout out on my blog when I follow through with your advice.
You are what you eat!
I also need advice on how to learn how to use my brand new big girl camera. 
I have a Canon Rebel T3.
How about a guest post to help me out so I have some great advice?

I am not feeling good about my body, so my changes start now. I know this is going to be super hard for me, so any help would be so helpful!!!

Have a happy Monday!!


  1. I would love to help you out with some of your camera questions. You know how I love camera chat. :-)

    As far as eating "clean", I do my best to eat foods with as little ingredients as possible. So, lots of fruits, veggies, chicken, salmon etc.

  2. LAuren, I think its so smart of you to start NOW... when the little changes need to be made! I had an allergic reaction to a medicine and BAM 70 pounds... later... I was so devastated! Over the past 7 years, I have also had one pregnancy to term, and 11 miscarriages ... so HELLO emotional eating? I am battling those pounds and also trying to eat CLEANER! I read one time that think about the number of processes a food goes through... if its more than two or three.. pretty safe to say you should stay away from it! If its just come out the earth... and only been handled or picked or maybe just packaged! then your pretty ok with it! :) I would recommend reading "EAT TO LIVE" :) its amazing!

  3. I've removed 25 kilos / 55lbs in a bit over 6 months, so I'll throw my hat in the ring...

    The first few ideas I'd have would be -

    1. Figure out if you can replace one (or two) meals a day with diet shake things. I did two, but my work is a lot more sedentary than yours.

    2. There's no fat or the like in coffee or tea, so have as much of them as you want. Green tea is genuinely good at making your digestion more efficient, so you get more nutrients out of less food.

    3. Try swapping out bread for those thin flour tortilla things.

    4. Maybe reconnect with dailymile.com if you're getting back into exercise. I've made a huge number of friends there and it's really helped keep me motivated. Let me know if you want help with a running playlist - I think I've compiled the best on the planet.

    5. Try getting a couple of teaspoonfuls of cinnamon in each day - they'll help neutralise a lot of the sugar you naturally take in with food.

    6. (and this one will sound weird) A lotion made of a mix of honey and lemon juice will stop your skin from getting baggy when the weight starts to come off. Don't ask me how, as a straight man, I know this; just accept that I know.

    I hope some if this is halfway helpful - Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

  4. Girl, this is something I really need to do, too.

    One thing that helps me is having clean and prepared fruit and veggies on hand. I am a lot more likely to reach for the carrot sticks if they are ready to eat when I am hungry. If they aren't? Hello chips. I am not a liquid consumer by nature, so I have found that adding lemon or orange slices to a pitcher of water really helps me want to drink it.

    For the camera, I have a Canon EOS 60D, which I love. When I got it, I searched high and low for online tutorials. I found that YouTube is really helpful, if you know what you want to do. But if you just need an A-Z lesson... not so helpful. I purchased a Dummies book, but I found it was too time consuming. So I ended up buying the tutorials on ShootFlyShoot.com. I found it really helped me out. I really should watch them over and over again.

  5. PS. I just looked on shootflyshoot's website... it looks like they have added more videos. The one I have purchased already is the Photography 101... but it looks like I will be getting more of them! I like that you get a forever subscription to whatever you buy. The only thing I don't like is that it's internet based. So, for example, when I am flying and there is no wifi... I can't watch the videos.

  6. I changed my eating habits DRASTICALLY a while ago and I feel so much better! Remind me on Wednesday and I'll help you with that and impart as much DSLR knowledge on you as I can :)

  7. I'd suggest replacing one meal a day with a green smoothie. You may also want to check out both of Kimberly Snyder's books, especially The Beauty Detox Solution. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  8. I work for a fitness and health publication. I'll send you some recipes we use.


  9. Good post--I hope you get some recipes and some camera advice so I can use it too :)

  10. What we've started doing is allowing ourselves to buy as much as we want when it comes to clean, raw, healthy foods. We used to not buy berries or organic peaches because they are expensive. But now we've largely "deleted" all purchasing of processed carbs, convenience food, and nearly everything except meat, fruits, and veggies at the grocery store, so we're not actually spending more than we were before, and I'm WAY more content with my diet when I still feel like I'm getting treats--only now, the treats are blackberries or nectarines instead of that processed food with refined sugars. And I'm feeling a lot better!

  11. I have a Canon Rebel also and I could use a guest post on the basics! Also would be interested in the health posts as well:)

  12. Girl. I wish we lived closer so we could go for walks and such. I need to get better. The hubs and I decided that no matter we need to work out in the morning.

  13. Ok. I seriously feel like I can relate to this entire post. I know what you mean about not feeling good about your body and it's hard to start up a good routine again. I'm in the same boat sista! Hope you're feeling better since writing this post a few weeks ago. Also, I am THIS close to buying that same camera! My brother has the Canon Rebel T3i and I would like to get the Canon Rebel T3. Do you like yours?


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