July 31, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner

So now that you know about my rehearsal and all the crazy things happening. I will have you know that I made it to my rehearsal dinner on time! Thanks to Kevin driving me while I furiously applied some makeup. It was only a five minute drive from the rehearsal space to the dinner...

Our rehearsal dinner was put on by Kevin's parents. Kevin's parents are friends with a wonderful chef who did our rehearsal dinner on the NMSU campus. Every detail was perfect!

 Caraline and Ellie (haha and Damon!)


 Kevin's parents

 Travys and Jason (Both were groomsmen)

Lauren (Kevin's sister) and Lily (her cousin)

 Socializing and having fun!

  Some of my family, from top left: Tess, Uncle Chris, Ellie, Uncle Stu, Aunt Doris, and Grandma Donovan

My table with my family and friends!

This was our menu:
Our wine came from a local winery that I love!

Then we parted! I went and got my beauty sleep. I was wiped!


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