July 11, 2013

The Rehearsal

Oh boy...

The rehearsal was quick. And I was late to my own rehearsal from a hospital detour. They accidentally double booked us the same day they were holding a memorial for a prominent police officer who had died. Hence all the chairs!

Our officiant was a family friend of mine. His kids used to swim with me. He is a great guy and I knew he would be perfect to marry us. 

So we practiced getting married.

But then we realized...
 Oops! We have the girl on the guys side and the guys on the girls side!
Christian faith and Jewish faith do the sides opposite of each other.

 So we got everyone back down the aisle again!

My uncle Chris was the stand in for my dad.

And got Kevin and I "married"!!

We then decided to sign the marriage licence so that we wouldn't have to worry about it the next day.
Ugh. prepare for a makeup-less, stressed out, picture(s) of me.

Maid of Honor, Me, Kevin, Best Man

Rehearsal dinner up next!


  1. Did everyone who was supposed to come to the rehearsal show? My rehearsal showed the true colors of my stepfamily, to which two of my 3 stepsiblings didn't show (only one had a valid reason) and to this day I'll never forget the one's actions :/

  2. Even after rehearsal all the guys in our party lined up in the wrong order. They did realize it and get it fixed.

  3. YAY! Love this!!! Keep up the wedding posts!! :)

  4. i love rehearsals.... so much excitement for the big day! Love the dress you wore!

  5. Aw how fun! I love everything about weddings!

  6. What a great rehearsal! That's so funny that you guys were on the wrong side! At our wedding I put Nate's ring on the wrong hand. Kinda similar. ;-)

  7. I remember our rehearsal. We had to do it so many times. that was a super smart idea on signing the marriage certificate prior.

  8. You know, I never ever knew that there was an official side that you're supposed to stand on. How did I get married without knowing that? :P
    That's cool you signed the papers before your wedding, I didn't know they would let you do that. I do remember it was kind of awkward, right after the receiving line, our pastor was like, OKay, can I quickly have you sign these papers?


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