August 5, 2013

Monday Monday

I have majorly had a drop off in blogging as of late. Just seems like life and work have taken their hold leaving me less free time than I would like. Anyway, here is my jumping back on! 

Lately I have been really working hard these past couple weeks, but these past two weekends were filled with fun!

This past weekend, Kevin and I headed back to New Mexico for a friend's wedding.
I also got to see my family and that was fun. Short quick weekend!

I did the brides makeup...

And had fun seeing my friends!

The weekend before, Kevin and I went to Matchbox 20! Two solid hours of singing along and rocking hard! So much fun! Then my sisters came out and we went and saw Florida Georgia Line. Lots of food, fun, and music!

Yep, I have two blonde gorgeous bombshells for sisters!

Oh and the story of the baby fawn on my instagram?
Ya someone came and dropped it off randomly at work after a major rainstorm and power outage and a crap ton of new patients. Straight up crazy like something out of Grey's...

Ah Monday. Whatup.


  1. Looks like the past two weekends have been fun! So jealous that you got to see Florida Georgia Line!!
    That's strange about the fawn.. ha ha!
    Hope you are having an amazing Monday so far :D

  2. I love weddings! I would be scared spitless to try to do a bride's makeup on her big day, but I bet you did a fabulous job :)

    So jealous of FGL. I love them!

  3. Looove love weddings. I don't think I could do a bride's make up...props to you!! :)

  4. Fun! I just had a wedding weekend too! And I love that bridesmaid dress color on you :)

  5. What fun! I'm glad life is going so well. :-)

  6. I love Matchbox 20!! Never seen them in concert though... too fun!!!

  7. Oh this happens to us all! I thought I'd never be able to blog again after I had Mia because life was NUTS!
    What fun weekends! You look SO pretty in these pictures :)

  8. Cool! I went to see Matchbox 20 too... what an awesome show, right?! :D

  9. Awh you're gorgeous! Love your dress!


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