August 22, 2013

My Beautiful Wedding Memory

So I am a pretty lucky girl. Wanna know why? Because I know some pretty cool people. 
Enter Jamila. 
She is one of the nicest girls this side of the world and is a SUPER talented artist.

So naturally, I hit her up!

Now quick back story. I had a wedding photographer who turned out to be very unprofessional.
She said I would get a box with pictures, a bunch of different sized and framed pictures for memories, and all nice and edited.

Well .... she did not.
Instead I got the digital copies 6 months after my wedding (un-edited) 
I got a couple pictures which looked like she sent them to the local Quicky Mart to be printed
And most of those pictures were cropped terribly.
(Mostly cutting off my head...yeah that bad)

Oh and not a lot of pictures either since she didn't seem all too interested taking them day of.
What a nightmare.

But I did have some good pictures and I knew I wanted a really cool way to remember and really capture how happy Kevin and I were that day getting married.

Am I still mad about my photographer? Yes, but I don't want to think of that forever.

So this girl decided to turn her frown upside down with the help of my girl Jamila!

So here is a picture of Kevin and I that she took.

Here is what Jamila turned it into.

She captured our essence, our happiness, everything I wanted out of that picture.
She gave me something that has made me so happy and brings positivity to my day.
Everything I remember feeling when that picture was taken.
Jamila gave me my most cherished way to look up above my desk and remember my wedding day.

With her high quality materials and beautiful work, I know it is something I will not only be able to love forever, but it will last forever as well.

( I wanna find a cooler frame-less frame for it! )

I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Jamila and this will not be my only purchase.
Oh and remember how I told you she is super nice?!
She donates a percentage of profits to Breast Cancer Solutions.

Check her out {here}
You can give her any type of picture you want!
She also sells her original artwork. Check her out guys! You will not be disappointed!

Oh and she is giving you guys 25% your TOTAL purchase of a portrait! 
(originals not included and not in conjunction with any other offer)
Use the code LIFELOVE and you are good to go!

Check her out!


  1. Awww! That is a lovely picture of you guys, and it's great that you are able to have that special portrait done when your service with the original photographer was so disappointing!

  2. Umm your first photographer is a meanie!! Seriously I would have been so mad but your new picture is awesome. What a cool and unique way to remember your wedding plus it looks pretty spot on.

  3. I would have been furious with the wedding photographer! But, Jamila did an amazing job on your new picture! It is completely unique...I've never really seen anyone do that with a wedding photo before. I bet it looks great in your home! :-)

  4. I hope you expressed your opinions to that first person. How unprofessional! But I love that artwork for your 2nd one. You know, my sister in law is thinking about doing this for an anniversary but have pictures done again professionally since the first set didn't work out.

  5. Wow! That looks awesome! I'm glad you have something nice to remember your special day by :) I was disappointed with our wedding photos too, which is frustrating because you can never foo back and redo that day!

  6. OMG!!!! this is gorgeous!! seriously, love this.

  7. I'm so sorry your wedding photographer was so lame! Ours forgot to take a single portrait picture of me and Nate and I'm still heartbroken over that. I'm so glad you were able to find a better way to preserve the memory! The print you got is fabulous!

  8. OMG! That looks amazing! I am so sorry that your photographer was so bad, but this is so gorgeous. Love!
    The Grass Skirt

  9. She really did do an amazing job!! I'm so sorry to hear about your photographer. I had the same experience with mine...HORRIBLE!!

  10. AWESOME! I will have to get something from her! :)


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