August 10, 2013

Oh my Hair (Review)

I was contacted by Misikko to do a product review for the Hana Air Hair Dryer.  The dreaded task of drying my hair is almost as bad as ironing clothes. Not quite as bad though I guess...I don't make my husband blow dry my hair, but I do make him iron! It retails for $194 and the reviews online were amazing. 

So I said yes...

And it turned out to be a good decision!
Oh but try taking a picture while you are blow drying your hair.
Not easy to get a good picture...

Here is how I will lay it out....a pro/con list.
Rory and I like our pro/con lists...

Very powerful: Now this I could see being a con for some people. But for me, someone who wants to get their hair dried in the quickest amount of time possible and style it later with the flat iron, (since I don't know how to style it while blow drying) it becomes my biggest pro
Good Temperature settings: Their difference between Hot and Warm for me is just right!
Long Cord: Good for navigating around that husband of mine on busy mornings! One day I hope all the cords will be retractable though since I never know how to wrap them well.
The Cold Button: You don't have to hold it in to keep it going! Bam!

Cost. I am cheap. What can I say...
No Retractable Cord: I wouldn't be able to have that long cord if I had this, but this is a feature I have always wanted.

Well the pros outweigh the cons big time!
I also have "virgin" hair which means it has never been dyed so it is also very important to me to keep it as healthy as possible until the day I do dye my hair!
Who knows if it is really healthier for my hair but I feel like it isn't frying it.

What kind of hair dryer do you use?


  1. I absolutely dread blowdrying my hair. This looks like something I need!

  2. I reviewed the Misikko dryer about a year ago and I absolutely loved it, but about a month ago it started making this awful noise and then quit working. I couldn't believe it because of how expensive they are, and I've had connair dryers that have lasted longer. Needless to say, I was kind of disappointed.


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