August 15, 2013

Things on my mind...

Random post warning....
K. You have been warned...

I can't wait for fall. Cooler temperatures and some winning Denver Football? What more can a girl ask for?!
Love the Denver Broncos

I made it through hump day! This weekend my in-laws will be in town.

Last but absolutely not least....
Happy Birthday to the best dad out there!
I love and wish I was able to spend your birthday with you!
Happy birthday dad!

Happy Thursday everyone!
Tomorrow I will be starting posts about Kevin and mind's house journey!


  1. Being random is always fun :)

    I will reply back to your email with my blog info either today or tomorrow. With getting myself ready for school, life's been busy!

  2. Nooo!!! Do not say you're ready for fall!!! I'm not yet at all!!!

  3. YAYYY fall & football!! I'm definitely in that mode too girl :)

  4. I'm so ready for football season! I became a Denver Broncos fan the second Von Miller hopped on board!


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