August 6, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Nine Travel Essentials

I love traveling...and one of my favorite parts of traveling is flying.
In 8th grade we had to do a paper on our dream job. Mine was a flight attendant.
However I was not tall enough. Most airlines have regulations about height. I am too short to reach the overhead bins. So alas that and some other things have never lead me to be a career flight attendant, but I still love to fly! I wish I could afford to fly more often!

I always have to have:

water: more water, more hydration
mint strips: keeping things fresh after a day of traveling is essential
good book: great time to catch up on reading!
cute bag: to put all this stuff in!
cell phone: hello...
perfume: see above about freshening up.
camera: to document said trip
candy: duh....
nexus: my favorite!!

Of course a cute outfit and a hot husband doesn't hurt to travel with either!
No travel plans in the works for me but it doesn't hurt to dream!

Oh and how about some winners for the Tuesday Topics Giveaway Tiffany and I did?

May I remind you that we had up for grabs:
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Four prizes!
Four winners!

Drumroll please!

Congrats to 
Lauren--Ad Space on Life Love Lauren
Dara--Ad space on Austin Family Diary
Julie--Ad Space AND an in post feature on Life Love Lauren
Tara--Guest Post on Austin Family Diary

Look out for emails from Tiffany and I!!!
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  1. I forgot to put a camera on my list! I need to pick your brain on the nexus. My husband is looking at getting one for his bday. What do you love about it? Is there anything you dislike?

  2. Yay for winning something - and yay for travel! :)

  3. I had no idea there were height restrictions on being a flight attendant! Pretty sure I am too small to be one, too. How tall are you?

    What did you think of that Emily Griffin book?

  4. I always have to have candy when I travel - it's a weird habit of mine, but I always stop in the airport stores and stock up!

  5. ahhh candy, YES totally agree!

  6. All of the above for sure- I just need the hot husband ;)

  7. I didn't know that airlines had a hight restriction of flight attendants! That's crazy! Good thing I didn't want to be one. I'm sure I wouldn't be tall enough.

  8. Mint strips! I have totally forgotten about those!
    Nothing sounds better to me than reading a good book oceanside on a mini vacation :)

  9. OH yep, can't travel without the camera and cute bag to tote it in for sure!!!


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