August 27, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Six Items

Overall I realized I am a pretty neutral person. 
If I use colors in design I seem to tend towards blue.
Clothes I think are the one place where I use my colors!

How do you bring color into your life?
Look at the bright side. Always

I look on the bright side.
For one I get fun things like this picture
You guys totally have to get one too!

And I am just glad it isn't Monday anymore!
Happy Tuesday!!



  1. I do like bright colors! That's a really cute sunshine picture, too. I put bright colors wherever I can. And once in a while something white or black to tone things down just a little....

  2. I'm starting to like bright colors more and more. However haven't incoporated it yet into my wardrobe, that's on my to-do list :)

  3. I'm having to skip this one this week! Will try and be back next week though...although can't promise as Kevin and I are going away for a few days. x

  4. Love that clutch! And the second photo is making me want ice cream :)

  5. I'm definitely neutral when it comes to dressing...however I've been branching out with workout gear and buying more neons. They are so fun!


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