August 21, 2013

Turn up the AC

Here in AZ the summers are super hot. With that in mind, Kevin knew he wanted what I like to call a new toy for the house. It has actually proved to be very beneficial in saving us money.

Note before I dive into this, I was not compensated for the review of the specific brand of thermastat we used, although I do highly recommend it.

There are many types of programmable thermostats that regulate the temperature of your home based on time of day, turning off when you aren't there, etc...but these things need to be programmed. 

So we installed our new Nest thermostat (which I have affectionately named Nester). He is a little pricy but is easy enough for me to handle while being complicated enough for Kevin.

So Nester allows you to program him from your phone of computer. This makes it nice for people with schedules that may be unpredictable. (that would be me.) So what I most often do when I finally get off work is tell me app on my phone to have the temperature where I want it by the time I get home.

And believe it or not it listens to me!

So this is saving me money. I like money.

Oh and the installation. Yeah Kevin turned off the electricity, connected a bunch of wires (looked like he was  Jack Bauer on 24 disabling a bomb). Then he snapped the thermostat into place and BAM we were good to go.


  1. That sounds, and looks, pretty neat! I will have to check that out and keep it in mind :D Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've been wanting one so bad! I just haven't pulled the trigger yet...

  3. We dont have AC in our house (although its coming, as our summers seem to be getting hotter - yay!), but this definitely sounds like something we could use in the winter for the heat! Approximately how much would a Nest run us?

  4. That is awesome!!!! What a cool little gadget, not sure I could hook that up, though! Lol I do love me some Jack Bauer ;)

  5. Oh Hallelujah for saving money!! We live in a virtual SHOEBOX.. tiny tiny house and our electric bill next month will be $189.
    HOW? I cannot even begin to tell you.
    My parents have a huge house and theirs is usually less than ours.
    good thing all those wires got put in the right places ;)

  6. I giggled at "and complicated enough for Kevin". Why do guys like their electronics do be complicated, I'll never understand!

  7. I totally need this. Our bill gets upto $300 in the summer.

  8. Sweet!!!! Perfect for that Arizona heat! Haha, that little thermostat looks like something my Kevin would install too. Yay for nerdy husbands!

  9. We LOVE our nest. We had one of those old thermostats that you couldn't even really tell where it was set, so it has saved us tons of money! (sorry for the late comment, trying to catch up on blogs!! ;) )

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