September 30, 2013

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I have seen this many a places and I am going to take it over!

Five things I'll be doing over the next week

1. I am going to lose weight. Exercising and trying to eat healthy is in the cards for me
2. Loving my football this season! Go Denver!
3. Prepare to go back and finally see my family!
4. Try not to work so much overtime.
5. Make dinner every night this week

Four things I need to purchase

1. Curtains for our living room.
2. Holiday decorations
3. More scrubs. A nurse can never have too many!
4. A car. Damn car troubles!

Three shows I can't wait to come back into my life

1. REVENGE!  Such a great show!!

2. Duck Dynasty.  Thankfully the season has already started! Love them!
3. The Blacklist.  This is Kevin and mine's new show. The pilot was great!

Two reasons I'm excited for fall

1. Cooler weather. Eh who am I kidding. I have to wait till December for that...
2. Fall is my favorite season! The football, the holidays, the weather, the feel!

One thing that is currently bothering me

My weight vs. chocolate. 
Never ending battle.

September 27, 2013

Family Birthdays

My beautiful mom and beautiful middle sister have birthdays this weekend. Today is my sister's and tomorrow's is my moms. 

I am going to see them next weekend but in the mean time:
Happy birthday to two beautiful, smart, and funny ladies!

Tucson Cosmetics Is Celebrating its First Birthday with Lots of Special Prices! Fillers as low as $449 a vial (Reg. $665 ea). True Vampire Lift one vial $550/ double vial $900 (reg. $1100 ea) Call for more details!

The more birthdays you have the longer you live! How nice for your health! 
Enjoy your days and see you guys soon!

September 25, 2013

Ditching Cable

I wanna save money.
I am trying to save money.

Dave Ramsey plan in a nutshell.
The Amazing Dave Ramsey's Plan in a Nutshell

Jeez don't we all though?!
Money is one of those things I don't usually openly talk about, but I feel like I can say I need to save more money. Therefore, cable has been on my mind.

I love watching TV and I love my DVR. But we are currently paying $40 a month. This is a basic package too. But we do usually buy NFL network every year which is an additional $100.

So Kevin and I have decided to cut our cable. We know that spending the amount of money we do on cable won't break us, but maybe we might be able to afford a car that we will need more quickly? (Every penny counts right?!)

Plus both Kevin and I have gotten busier and therefore have less time for TV but don't cut our TV down as much which means we are watching way too much TV and being way less productive.

I read on Michelle's blog that the average cable bill is around $125 a month.
That is just plain flat crazy!
Cray if you will.
But I guess there are a couple of months were I pay that.
I am a total NUT.

When we first signed up for our cable we got a new customer discount. That made it good for us.
Well now that we are no longer new the price has gone up.

So what have we done to make our cutting cable bearable? 

Amazon Prime--$40 a year
Our price is cheaper than most since Kevin is still a student. We already have made Prime well loved and used with great free shipping but now we love their unlimited streaming.

Totally awesome and right near our house and we can get movies to rent for free. Plus great books and reading is great!

Occasional free Monday movies for us to rent and watch! Love!!

Antenna--$50 dollar start up
We bought an antenna and then you get to watch all your local channels!

You can watch basics on Hulu or the some of the station's websites!

Football Packages--$70
This year Kevin bought Madden 25 for $110 and it came with NFL Sunday Ticket so we could watch every game and RedZone. (Huge football fans aren't we!) But then the awesome thing is that Kevin sold the game for $60. But this didn't include Monday or Thursday night football so we bought NFL network for our phone (which we plug into the computer) for $20.

Cable price annual: $620
No cable annual price: $110

Sounds pretty damn do-able to me!
How much do you spend on cable?

September 24, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Two Rooms in my Childhood Home

I have realized I do not have very many pictures of my childhood home.
I should...I really should. My parents still live there!
I apologize in advance for the poor quality of pictures.

That being two rooms.

The foyer means a lot to me. This sets the tone for the home, and my parents did a great job of making it a welcoming room. It is decorated for the holidays to perfection, it is the place where we took all of our pictures out the door to special occasions, it is where we throw our shoes when we made a last minute change (hello three girls), and it is where we comfortably welcomed guests.
foyer table Christmas decorations

Many a pictures taken in this foyer before going out the door!

The living room is the second room in my parent's house that means a lot to me. My living room was in one room for years and then my parents did a major remodel and now the living room is a different room. My parents bought a house and it was a very small home. Regardless we have had a wonderful living room where many memories were made no matter which room it was in.

My first living room:
Me trying to become a star baseball player by watching the Indians play...

No pic of my "second" living room!

That is what I love about a room. The room is what love and happiness you fill it with.

Did everyone wish the amazing Tiffany a Happy Birthday?!
Sunday was her day!


September 23, 2013

Men and Women....Together.

Living with a man can be hard.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to live with my awesome husband, but let's have some girl talk here...

Now, I am honest enough with myself to say that living with me is probably a lot harder, but...

How often does your guy go crazy because you left the dishes out?
Or the toilet seat down?
Or didn't make the bed?
He probably didn't because guys are (sometimes...rarely) more sane than girls.

Let's look into some scenarios...

The bathroom sink
Men have facial hair that must be shaved.
Woman have the ability to notice details...meaning we notice facial hair lying everywhere.
There will inevitably be some that was left.
Ew. Even though I know it is hard to clean and my guy still cleans up after himself, it still bugs me.
I hate that it does because I know it is crazy of me.

The kitchen
Men eat.
Women eat, but don't want to eat, but want to eat...
Gah. How am I supposed to eat a salad when my husband is eating pizza?!
And at 10pm when he grabs a bowl of ice cream and offers to get me a bowl, what am I supposed to say?! No thanks, I will eat an apple instead.
Isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place? (Thanks Eve!!)

Making the bed
Men love to sleep.
Women love sleep.
Wow?!? Is this the perfect scenario? Nope...
Women sleep in a bed a certain way because we know we are going to have to make it in the morning and nobody likes making a messy bed...
When I lived alone I would be on one side of my bed with one side still tucked in...sliding into bed ever so carefully as not to mess much up so hopefully the next morning it would take no time to make.
So there I am...always short on times in the morning and girls make the bed every morning (in this house)

Putting things away
Men don't often put things away. Therefore they have a hard time finding things. Because...
Women come around and put things away (in their rightful spot might I add...)
Therefore guys come along and are always saying:
"Where are my sunglasses?" They are in the drawer...
"Where is my dopp kit?" It's under the sink...
"Where is my shirt?" It's in the drawer...
Mind you they would still ask these questions if they weren't put away, but then you would have no idea where these items were...

Let's go with one more. Because we women like to end things in denominations of five....

The TV
Men are interested in such things like how things work, aliens, and football.
Women shame themselves by watching other wealthier women fight about parties, plastic surgery, and house hunting. Oh and football for some of us. Go Denver!!
My husband looks at me crazy with my girly shows and watching reruns.
Who cares, I like it! Let me be!

And on that note, I am off to go watch my girly tv shows on my DVR...

September 19, 2013

Hair of Gryffndor

I got my hair cut a month ago. The day I went into go get my hair cut, I had a spur of the moment decision to do something different. I now have an a-line bob. Now in my adult life before this haircut, every night I would commit the absolute faux pas of haircare. The thing you must never, ever do, according to every single fashion magazine on this planet. But I did it anyway: I went to bed with wet hair.

Every night I did this until my haircut. My system works. I work out in the evenings and I am able to sleep in longer in the mornings and keep my routine down to minimum.

Now yeah, when I wake up I need to either straighten my hair or work some hot rollers in it. 
Or just throw it into a ponytail.
But this is harder to do with my short style that needs maintenance

This coming from the girl who hasn't quite learned the ways of the round brush.

Anyway, here is to learning and rocking something different!

Especially since I can't just resort to a ponytail when I am having a bad hair day.

Oh and I assume everyone heard that JK Rowling is going to do a book that is Harry Potter-esque?
I wish she would just do a prequel to Harry Potter. I think that would be super interesting!!

September 18, 2013

Getting my Hair Did

So initially I thought I wanted my veil under my bun so you could see all the beautifulness going on with my hair. But then I realized it was not really what I wanted. It also wouldn't have worked with the comb attached to the veil. Thankfully my stylist gave me a free quick and dirty practice run of doing my hair. I highly recommend a test run before the big day with your hair.

Test Run:

Yeah not working out so much....

Day of:

My poor stylist. I have a TON of hair...

Tease me!

The hair!

Vail nice and secure! Let's get this party started!

And good thing I decided on an updo and  a secure one at that because my wedding day was windy!
How did you do your hair on your wedding day?

September 17, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Three Favorite Tuesday Topics

I love Tuesday Topics!
I may be biased...

I love reading them, I love writing them. I love them.
Alright my three Tuesday Topics I have written...

Four Things I Have Learned Outside of School
This one was eye opening for me to get into and write.

Five Hometown Activities
This was just fun!

Seven Things About my Job
This one really pushed me to write about something outside of my comfort zone and just...words can't even put what I felt.

Honorable Mention:
Eight Photographs of Nature
No words, just pictures.


September 16, 2013

Fall // Football // Food

I love fall.
Fall means football. 
Football means food.

Football is the only sign of fall for me here in the desert.
All my desert girls know what I mean. We listen to the rest of you and we are just like:
You guys talk about cooling temps (yeah we are at 103 today...)
You drink PSL (No coffee for this girl...)
You guys have trees that drop leaves and change colors..........uh we don't.

Really the biggest thing is the heat. 
You don't want to see my A/C bill...this causes me to not even want to light a fall scented candle!
Bleh so hot!

Anyway, super excited about the football. Except this weekend was a Fantasy Football killer for me.

But at least I made some yummy food!
Much to my waistline's dismay...

My go to dip recipe?

Sausage Dip
1 package of sausage
1 can of Rotel (Pace also makes a good one!)
2 packages of cream cheese

Brown the sausage, drain. Then add the cream cheese and rotel and mix!
I tend to drain my rotel but not draining that will just make it a little less thick.

Yep it is that easy and that delicious!

Oh and shout outs to the Sausage Dip's supporting cast yesterday...

Cream Cheese Chile Crescents
Pretty self explanatory....grab some cream cheese, mix with chopped Hatch Green Chiles and stuff with crescents and bake!

And with the losing Fantasy weekend...I had to make....

Funeral Potatoes
I will warn you something about these, cheap and easy to make. They surprisingly are not good for leftovers.

Shredded potatoes
1 cup of sour cream
Bunch of Cheddar Cheese (I never measure my can never have too much!)
2 T melted butter
2 (10 oz cans) cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper
Handful of Panko Bread Crumbs

Mix together the potatoes, cheese, sour cream,  2 tablespoons of melted butter, cream of chicken soup, and a bit of salt and pepper. 
If you use frozen shredded potatoes, warm them before you mix all this, cause they shouldn't be frozen.

Put this mixture into a 9x13 pan and cover lightly with Panko Crumbs. 
Cover the pan with foil and bake at 350 for 45 minutes!

Food + Red Zone = My Sunday

September 13, 2013

Going Out

To go out or not to go out?
I ask myself this every time I am invited to go out.
I feel like a loser for asking myself this so much.

sometimes true

I think I started asking myself this more when I moved to Tucson. I was a different person when I was back in my hometown. If my friends were doing something, it was an easy yes. The pro was seeing my friends and drinking and the con and was not seeing my friends and not drinking. Made decisions easier. Why did that person leave?

Here's where I'm at. 

I don't know if I'm in the mood to go out tonight because:
I'm pretty tired. 
I had a long week.
If I got out tonight I'll spend a lot of money...
Staying in just sounds nice. 
I look so gross.
I could catch up on a lot of stuff (on my DVR.)
I'm not in the mood to get ready.
I'm pale (that really doesn't change if I go out or not though)
I would have to shower.
I would have to dry my hair.
I would have to put makeup on.
I have nothing to wear. (That never changes whether I go out or not either)
My jeans are really tight. (They always are as well) 
Will it be fun?
I don't even know what I'm in the mood to drink.
So should I go out? 
Do you think it will be worth it?
I feel like I should go out.
But, am I in the mood?
I think I am just going to stay in.

Fine. I'll go out. It will be fun though, right?

Yes. I'm going out.

September 10, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Four Fave Peeps on Instagram

I love Instagram.

I didn't have IG for the longest time since I really didn't have an idea of why I should, but now I am glad I do and I love it!

So everyone join and hang out with me on Instagram!

Anyway, choosing only four of my favorite simply isn't happening. So I will group a couple into 4 groups!

tiffanyaustin922: Her photos of Elliott are just too darling!
valeriegriffin: Such a beautiful mama! She captures Miller's cute little smiles and is just too darling!

Cute Outfits:
adayinthelifecait: Soon to be beautiful mama! With such cute outfits!
_wifestyles_: Her style and photos are just breathtakingly beautiful. Oh and she is just as beautiful! Her pictures make me smile!

Fun Girls:
jaxoehl: She is a great photographer and you can tell through her IG as she has just tons and tons of fun!
bribuzali: This girl is one of those girls who is just kind and genuine so everyone likes her! So she has lots of friends and fun included in all her IG pics!

Casually Cute:
samanthamarie_8: Such a pretty lady enjoying a beautiful life! Plus she seems to like wine as much as I do!
jvkom: She is a mama and I love her attitude and beauty! She just plain and simple rocks!

Oh and another really awesome IG?

She has awesome art up with great deals. Remember you can get 25% off your purchase with the code LIFELOVE!!

Let's follow someone new today! 


September 9, 2013


I am a big supporter of Hyundai. They are a great company that supports childhood cancer awareness.
Just thought you all should know.

Visit their website and see if you are in a town where they hold a 5k or how you can help!
*Hyundai is not paying me to say this, simply my own opinion*

Anyway I borrowed this from Hyundai Hope on Wheels and I still cannot believe a lot of these facts...

Crazy huh! 
Wanna know someone who hates childhood cancer as much as me?!
My blog friend Julie! One day we will meet IRL but until then I can tell you how awesome she is here on the interweb!

My name is Julie and I blog about everything in life at Two Blues Fans!

The path I'm following in life has been all twists and turns and I'm still hoping to find my happy place once again - in a classroom.  I hope that people read me and help me along in my journey.  I do my best to spend time with friends and family as much as I can.  I love reading blogs and do my best to visit daily and comment on whatever I might read.

So like I said, super awesome girl! Go show her some love!
Lets #endchildhoodcancer 

September 6, 2013

One of Those Days...

So a couple of days ago was "one of those days". You know them, you've had them. They sneak up on you for no apparent reason. Ugh so terrible!

Usually, when I get up in the morning, I am one of those people who springs out of bed when my alarm goes off or just enjoys the morning with my husband and with plenty of time to spare. But not the other day.

But anyway, I woke up with my hair a mess. I couldn't get it to cooperate and started sweating under the heat of a straightener and the Arizona heat. Getting cranky now. Then my makeup...usually I am pretty natural when it comes to that routine, but it became an issue where I didn't want to scare my patients, so I had to spend an ungodly amount of time despairing at my face and it didn't make anything better.

After the disaster that was trying to put my make-up on I decided it was time for clothes. How hard can this be?! I wear scrubs to work for gosh sakes! But after staining a top, did I have any clean ones after that? No! Drat me and my ability to so easily slack on laundry!

Oh and forget wanting to make breakfast and of course I didn't have a lunch planned out...

Then it had rained the night before and if any of you live or know of Arizona rain, you would know they call them monsoons. And that is exactly what we got. This amounted to crazy puddles to try and navigate by. Oh and school just started and of course I was late so I was hitting all the crazy traffic. Boo. Then I finally get to work and got in to a whole heap of work on my desk, a bunch of fires to put out, and a phone that would not stop ringing. This carried on all day long.

Finally it was time to go home. Oh and did I mention all day I was battling a cold?! Yep...

So that's it, my bad day! But then I went home and spent the rest of the night snuggled against Kevin which for me is the best cure for a bad day!

I love being married!

September 5, 2013

Open When Follow Up

Wow. I officially feel like a blogger. I now know the power of Pinterest. 

I guess a lot of people pinned {this}
My one year anniversary gift to Kevin.

And so far I have gotten more emails than comments on what all the open whens were.

Well you heard it here. I will share them.
I debated for a while whether I would share them.
But in the end, I have decided to share them because what was really powerful and personal were the messages inside the envelopes. 

Open When...
You miss me
You need to remember why you love me
You want to smile at a memory
You want to look forward to the future
Before bed
You wanna know what I am thinking
You want your lips on mine
You need to remember how much I love you
You need a pep talk
You are up late at night or wake up in the middle of the night
We are together and bored
You want to tell me how you feel

What is a creative gift you have done for your hubby?! Anyone have any ideas for year two?!
Oh and GO DENVER tonight!!

September 3, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Five Things That Inspire

Can come from the likeliest and most unlikely sources.
My source is clothed with dignity and strength.

My source is my sister.
She was diagnosed with cancer when she was five years old.

She had missed birthdays, painful treatments, she was so young she barely understood what was going on.

Five ways she inspired me:

She always tries and strives to help others. She prevails despite her obstacles.

Need I say more?! Her inner beauty truly shines out.

She hopes to make a difference. She hopes to put a smile on everyone's face.

She has a love for everyone and everything. Everyone gets along with her. It is so easy.

Always surviving and smiling
Still is...

Ellie inspires me.
Childhood cancer survivors, fighters, and angels inspire me.

Wanna help spread the word this month?
Contact me so you can help out!


September 2, 2013

Paint Blogs Gold in September!

September already?!?
How did this happen?
I am so not prepared for September to already be here!

September means lots of football to watch, holidays to prepare for, and almost another year gone!

 But September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
I did a couple of posts last year on it.

This year I plan to paint the blog world GOLD!
If you want to help me this September, please email me or leave a comment below and I would be super happy!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! I know I sure am with my mom and the girl who I celebrate Childhood Cancer Awareness Month for! We are having lots of fun on our long weekend!
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