September 30, 2013

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

I have seen this many a places and I am going to take it over!

Five things I'll be doing over the next week

1. I am going to lose weight. Exercising and trying to eat healthy is in the cards for me
2. Loving my football this season! Go Denver!
3. Prepare to go back and finally see my family!
4. Try not to work so much overtime.
5. Make dinner every night this week

Four things I need to purchase

1. Curtains for our living room.
2. Holiday decorations
3. More scrubs. A nurse can never have too many!
4. A car. Damn car troubles!

Three shows I can't wait to come back into my life

1. REVENGE!  Such a great show!!

2. Duck Dynasty.  Thankfully the season has already started! Love them!
3. The Blacklist.  This is Kevin and mine's new show. The pilot was great!

Two reasons I'm excited for fall

1. Cooler weather. Eh who am I kidding. I have to wait till December for that...
2. Fall is my favorite season! The football, the holidays, the weather, the feel!

One thing that is currently bothering me

My weight vs. chocolate. 
Never ending battle.


  1. I need to purchase a car too. My hubby doesn't think so, but then again when I break down on the side of the road he'll need to learn to answer his phone because it'll be his fault. My "prob" now is deciding what to get. Do I stick with something like a newer Honda Civic that will get great gas mileage or do I go ahead and up grade for the future and get the Honda CRV SUV that doesn't have horrible mileage but it can solve a lot of needs too. Decisions, decisions - what are you looking at?

  2. I love that last picture so much. I totally agree...especially since my son was born in October. And I am so excited about Duck Dynasty too! I was sad that it wasn't on last week. :(
    The Grass Skirt

  3. I am loving Duck Dynasty too! Always makes me laugh! :)


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