September 25, 2013

Ditching Cable

I wanna save money.
I am trying to save money.

Dave Ramsey plan in a nutshell.
The Amazing Dave Ramsey's Plan in a Nutshell

Jeez don't we all though?!
Money is one of those things I don't usually openly talk about, but I feel like I can say I need to save more money. Therefore, cable has been on my mind.

I love watching TV and I love my DVR. But we are currently paying $40 a month. This is a basic package too. But we do usually buy NFL network every year which is an additional $100.

So Kevin and I have decided to cut our cable. We know that spending the amount of money we do on cable won't break us, but maybe we might be able to afford a car that we will need more quickly? (Every penny counts right?!)

Plus both Kevin and I have gotten busier and therefore have less time for TV but don't cut our TV down as much which means we are watching way too much TV and being way less productive.

I read on Michelle's blog that the average cable bill is around $125 a month.
That is just plain flat crazy!
Cray if you will.
But I guess there are a couple of months were I pay that.
I am a total NUT.

When we first signed up for our cable we got a new customer discount. That made it good for us.
Well now that we are no longer new the price has gone up.

So what have we done to make our cutting cable bearable? 

Amazon Prime--$40 a year
Our price is cheaper than most since Kevin is still a student. We already have made Prime well loved and used with great free shipping but now we love their unlimited streaming.

Totally awesome and right near our house and we can get movies to rent for free. Plus great books and reading is great!

Occasional free Monday movies for us to rent and watch! Love!!

Antenna--$50 dollar start up
We bought an antenna and then you get to watch all your local channels!

You can watch basics on Hulu or the some of the station's websites!

Football Packages--$70
This year Kevin bought Madden 25 for $110 and it came with NFL Sunday Ticket so we could watch every game and RedZone. (Huge football fans aren't we!) But then the awesome thing is that Kevin sold the game for $60. But this didn't include Monday or Thursday night football so we bought NFL network for our phone (which we plug into the computer) for $20.

Cable price annual: $620
No cable annual price: $110

Sounds pretty damn do-able to me!
How much do you spend on cable?


  1. We don't have cable either. I watch my shows via Netflix, Hulu or the tv station online. We stream all our sports from (check it out - its free). I go to the library for a lot of our movies too. We've considered knocking down our Netflix but we haven't yet.

  2. I did something similar this past January and had my cable turned off. I was paying close to $70 a month for cable alone. I ordered a Roku player for $50 from Amazon (it is the best invention/piece of technology ever) so I could stream Amazon Prime videos. I also subscribe to Netflix and NHL Gamecenter for $150. The only thing those sources didn't cover that I had to order were episodes of Breaking Bad. I figure I've saved roughly $400 over the last 10 months, which is amazing - especially if you break it down to where I say that is ten dinners out with friends or three nhl game tickets or round trip flight from Vermont to Arizona to visit family !

  3. It is crazy how much people can spend between cable and internet these days! We had Netflix for awhile but just switched to HuluPlus, so we spend $8/month (which is totally worth it to watch Once Upon a Time and Sabrina the Teenage Witch... haha!)

  4. Amazon Prime is awesome! I hate to say that we spend $100 per month on cable. We could invest in Hulu Plus and spend $8 per month, and I am definitely thinking about it.


  5. My husband and I have never done cable and it has been great! We really miss watching college/professional sports, but it saves us SO much money! We pay for Amazon Prime and share it with my mom who pays for Netflix. You can watch on up to 3 devices on each of those, so it works out pretty well. :)

  6. I've thought about this a lot... and still can't convince myself to do it!

  7. Dave Ramsey is THE MAN!!! I love his principals!

    Caleb and I haven't ever had cable and it feels good not having that bill every month. We pay for Hulu Plus ($7.99/month) and have a shared Netflix account with my mom (so its free!) and we get most of the football games with our regular plug-in FREE cable! It's awesome :)

  8. We are still trying to decide if we should cut cable or not. We just waste so much time in front of the TV!

  9. We got rid of cable when our 2-year DirecTV contract was up this past June and haven't looked bad. We do miss the NFL network and the RedZone channel, but we're managing so far. We're at all the home games, and most away games we'll get on local TV with our $20 antenna.

    Love this post and love seeing other people who realize every penny DOES count! :)

  10. Just watch out for those library late fees! At my library an overdue movie (I'm not even talking a new movie - I'm talking an OLD movie or a documentary) is FOUR DOLLARS A DAY. Completely ridiculous. :( And they don't work properly half the time, too. It makes me sad, because I love the library, but the Chicago system just isn't very good.

  11. I keep seeing budgeting coming up on blogs and other places. It's like God telling me "You need to work on your own budget!" I mentioned giving up cable to my husband and he wasn't on board with it. We both work full time so we really don't use it that much. Although, I'm a teacher at a year round school and have been home on break for the past few weeks and I've barely turned on the TV. I only turn it on to watch one of "my shows" which isn't anything I can't watch on regular TV or the internet. I think the 2 things holding me back are: the ease of having DVR and football. I need to approach the subject with my husband again. It's really not a necessity and it's taking a lot of our money every month.

  12. this is awesome!!! i ditched cable about 4 years about and never looked back since, its a time saver too!

  13. I pay freaking $100 for cable. But that's internet included. HOWEVER- when my two year contract is up (next august) I am TOTALLY OUT OF THERE and getting a Roku. Bye bye bye.

  14. Thanks for sharing this! I have wanted to give up cable forever!! John has never been on board bc he doesn't want to give up live sports. Now I can show him how to do it!

  15. First off I love Dave Ramsey. He gives great practical advice. We love cable and our DVR. We spend around $125 a month but it includes phone, Internet, cable in three rooms and DVR. We do budget for this cost but just writing it out it seems insane.

  16. My family never had cable when I was growing up, so it didn't even occur to me to get it as an adult. We have an antenna for our tv--and you can get a decent amount of channels with that! We had netflix for a few months, but then we decided to cut that out because we're also in every-penny-counts mode at the moment! Angel isn't really interested in watching any sports except the Football (soccer) World Cup...and we'll figure that out in 2014 when it's on again!

  17. For some reason my Amazon Prime won't work on my Smart TV. Do you use your computer? My cable was $180 a month!! I got rid of HBO and Showtime but it is still $130 a month and I live alone. Ugh!

  18. We have been thinking of cutting our cable for sometime now.. we just seem to have so much going on these that it has stopped being a priority.. for now. But we will definitely come back to it and finally get rid of cable.

  19. Now I wish we had cable so we could cut it and save that amount of money. ;-)

  20. We were paying close to $140 for cable and internet. During the whole Time Warned debacle with CBS we cut the cord. I don't miss it, but the hubby does. I think we need to upgrade our internet slightly because of how much Netflix

  21. I've been trying to convince my husband to do this and think that more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon. It's a great idea. You can do it! :)
    The Grass Skirt

  22. We used to spend about $100 on cable a month, but we switched to the basic package and now pay $50. We had our service suspended for six months because we weren't watching TV, and while we did that we had Netflix and Hulu which are only $7.99 a month! Can't beat $15.98/month for shows :D

  23. This made me laugh because we don't even have a TV! Our apartment building has a couple of TVs in which we go and watch every now and again. But honestly, it's been a huge time saver to do other things. Everyone thinks we're crazy for not owning one, but honestly I don't miss it. I'll admit that the only thing we subscribe to is Netflix and that's plenty.


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