September 9, 2013


I am a big supporter of Hyundai. They are a great company that supports childhood cancer awareness.
Just thought you all should know.

Visit their website and see if you are in a town where they hold a 5k or how you can help!
*Hyundai is not paying me to say this, simply my own opinion*

Anyway I borrowed this from Hyundai Hope on Wheels and I still cannot believe a lot of these facts...

Crazy huh! 
Wanna know someone who hates childhood cancer as much as me?!
My blog friend Julie! One day we will meet IRL but until then I can tell you how awesome she is here on the interweb!

My name is Julie and I blog about everything in life at Two Blues Fans!

The path I'm following in life has been all twists and turns and I'm still hoping to find my happy place once again - in a classroom.  I hope that people read me and help me along in my journey.  I do my best to spend time with friends and family as much as I can.  I love reading blogs and do my best to visit daily and comment on whatever I might read.

So like I said, super awesome girl! Go show her some love!
Lets #endchildhoodcancer 


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  2. Yay, thanks for the spotlight post...and I'd love to meet you IRL too one day :)

  3. Those are some crazy scary stats! Glad you are helping to educate the blogging world with these posts!!


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