September 16, 2013

Fall // Football // Food

I love fall.
Fall means football. 
Football means food.

Football is the only sign of fall for me here in the desert.
All my desert girls know what I mean. We listen to the rest of you and we are just like:
You guys talk about cooling temps (yeah we are at 103 today...)
You drink PSL (No coffee for this girl...)
You guys have trees that drop leaves and change colors..........uh we don't.

Really the biggest thing is the heat. 
You don't want to see my A/C bill...this causes me to not even want to light a fall scented candle!
Bleh so hot!

Anyway, super excited about the football. Except this weekend was a Fantasy Football killer for me.

But at least I made some yummy food!
Much to my waistline's dismay...

My go to dip recipe?

Sausage Dip
1 package of sausage
1 can of Rotel (Pace also makes a good one!)
2 packages of cream cheese

Brown the sausage, drain. Then add the cream cheese and rotel and mix!
I tend to drain my rotel but not draining that will just make it a little less thick.

Yep it is that easy and that delicious!

Oh and shout outs to the Sausage Dip's supporting cast yesterday...

Cream Cheese Chile Crescents
Pretty self explanatory....grab some cream cheese, mix with chopped Hatch Green Chiles and stuff with crescents and bake!

And with the losing Fantasy weekend...I had to make....

Funeral Potatoes
I will warn you something about these, cheap and easy to make. They surprisingly are not good for leftovers.

Shredded potatoes
1 cup of sour cream
Bunch of Cheddar Cheese (I never measure my can never have too much!)
2 T melted butter
2 (10 oz cans) cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper
Handful of Panko Bread Crumbs

Mix together the potatoes, cheese, sour cream,  2 tablespoons of melted butter, cream of chicken soup, and a bit of salt and pepper. 
If you use frozen shredded potatoes, warm them before you mix all this, cause they shouldn't be frozen.

Put this mixture into a 9x13 pan and cover lightly with Panko Crumbs. 
Cover the pan with foil and bake at 350 for 45 minutes!

Food + Red Zone = My Sunday


  1. I make that exact potato casserole! And those crescent rolls look delicious!

  2. You must like cream cheese ;)

    For a split second I thought that was the buffalo dip, which might I add, that dip lasted FOREVER!

  3. That sausage dip sounds amazing!!!



  5. Lol sums up desert living perfectly. PS- I'm in Kansas right now and am rocking a sweater, jeans and a coffee under some grey cloudy skies and 60 degree jealous :)

  6. No cool weather for is either until like January. Why no coffee? Don't like it or just too hot?

  7. Ooo... These recipes sound so good! You should come on over and link them up for this month's The Circle! :-)

  8. I definitely love football food! I can't say I would be envious of your A/C bill. Yikes!

  9. I lived in Saudi last year so I can finally understand what it means to have no autumn. It's so strange! I do have a definite soft spot for the changing colours of the leaves (I'm from England). You're so right though- the seasons are defined by so many other things too. Enjoy your 'football' (haha)

  10. Yum, those crescent rolls look delicious and do the rest of those recipes! Definitely perfect for football games. :)

    Thanks for linking up with Susannah and I!

  11. All of this looks AMAZING! I'm bookmarking this page so I can come back and make everything haha.

  12. That looks amazing!! We so need to get together soon. :)


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