September 13, 2013

Going Out

To go out or not to go out?
I ask myself this every time I am invited to go out.
I feel like a loser for asking myself this so much.

sometimes true

I think I started asking myself this more when I moved to Tucson. I was a different person when I was back in my hometown. If my friends were doing something, it was an easy yes. The pro was seeing my friends and drinking and the con and was not seeing my friends and not drinking. Made decisions easier. Why did that person leave?

Here's where I'm at. 

I don't know if I'm in the mood to go out tonight because:
I'm pretty tired. 
I had a long week.
If I got out tonight I'll spend a lot of money...
Staying in just sounds nice. 
I look so gross.
I could catch up on a lot of stuff (on my DVR.)
I'm not in the mood to get ready.
I'm pale (that really doesn't change if I go out or not though)
I would have to shower.
I would have to dry my hair.
I would have to put makeup on.
I have nothing to wear. (That never changes whether I go out or not either)
My jeans are really tight. (They always are as well) 
Will it be fun?
I don't even know what I'm in the mood to drink.
So should I go out? 
Do you think it will be worth it?
I feel like I should go out.
But, am I in the mood?
I think I am just going to stay in.

Fine. I'll go out. It will be fun though, right?

Yes. I'm going out.


  1. Ha- this question is as frequent with me as "What to have for lunch?" Have a good weekend!

  2. I ponder this myself every weekend...and my answer this week is I'm going out...with my hubby! ;)

  3. Goodness, this is identical to what my brain does when I'm invited out!

  4. lol. I go through this every single Friday and Saturday night!!

  5. Just go out and enjoy your self . You worked hard all week. :O)

  6. I'm like that and all of our friends are in the area! Guess I just like to be at home more than out ;)

  7. Wait until you can use kids as an excuse. For me the choice of sleep will always win

  8. I like your conclusion! Spending time with friends is always fun. But the spending money factor is the one that usually gets Angel and I!

  9. Haha I just started laughing! I do the SAME thing! It would probably be fun to go out but it seems like! And staying in could possibly be just as fun! If we were real-life friends I would call you and say "let's not go out, but I'm coming over with wine (or other beverage of choice) and let's just do this thing at home in our sweatpants!" :)


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