September 19, 2013

Hair of Gryffndor

I got my hair cut a month ago. The day I went into go get my hair cut, I had a spur of the moment decision to do something different. I now have an a-line bob. Now in my adult life before this haircut, every night I would commit the absolute faux pas of haircare. The thing you must never, ever do, according to every single fashion magazine on this planet. But I did it anyway: I went to bed with wet hair.

Every night I did this until my haircut. My system works. I work out in the evenings and I am able to sleep in longer in the mornings and keep my routine down to minimum.

Now yeah, when I wake up I need to either straighten my hair or work some hot rollers in it. 
Or just throw it into a ponytail.
But this is harder to do with my short style that needs maintenance

This coming from the girl who hasn't quite learned the ways of the round brush.

Anyway, here is to learning and rocking something different!

Especially since I can't just resort to a ponytail when I am having a bad hair day.

Oh and I assume everyone heard that JK Rowling is going to do a book that is Harry Potter-esque?
I wish she would just do a prequel to Harry Potter. I think that would be super interesting!!


  1. My hair gets so oily so fast that I like HAVE to shower every morning before I go out, otherwise its a grease ball and a half!! Yuck! LOVE your bob...I'm going short at my appt next Wed!! CAN'T EVEN WAIT! :)

  2. Oh I always shower the night before!! I'm just too lazy in the morning.

    Also- Harry Potter prequel would be awesome.

  3. I want to cut mine .. I just don't know yet.. I bet it saves you time. Which is nice in the morning . :O)

  4. Oo.. I want to see the new do! :-) And I totally go to bed with wet hair too. Stick it to the fashion mags! ;-)

  5. Yes, it's so true--short hair does not handle being washed at night very well! I haven't been able to take evening showers in a long time!!

  6. I just got my hair cut shorter too. I could never shower the night before. My hair is so oily. When my hair was longer, I tried washing it every other day and using dry shampoo on the off days. Even with doing that, I'd have to wear it up in a ponytail.

  7. I ran into the same problems when I got my hair cut much shorter awhile ago. It has since grown out again but at the time I could NOT go to bed with wet hair or it'd be crazy in the morning. Also, I heard a rumor about JK Rowling but is it actually happening?!

  8. I honestly think that shorter hair is harder to keep up than longer hair! I don't know, I've been thinking about cutting my hair shorter to motivate me to do something more with it, but at the same time-- I loving my long curly hair since I'm constantly running out the door with wet hair!


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