September 23, 2013

Men and Women....Together.

Living with a man can be hard.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to live with my awesome husband, but let's have some girl talk here...

Now, I am honest enough with myself to say that living with me is probably a lot harder, but...

How often does your guy go crazy because you left the dishes out?
Or the toilet seat down?
Or didn't make the bed?
He probably didn't because guys are (sometimes...rarely) more sane than girls.

Let's look into some scenarios...

The bathroom sink
Men have facial hair that must be shaved.
Woman have the ability to notice details...meaning we notice facial hair lying everywhere.
There will inevitably be some that was left.
Ew. Even though I know it is hard to clean and my guy still cleans up after himself, it still bugs me.
I hate that it does because I know it is crazy of me.

The kitchen
Men eat.
Women eat, but don't want to eat, but want to eat...
Gah. How am I supposed to eat a salad when my husband is eating pizza?!
And at 10pm when he grabs a bowl of ice cream and offers to get me a bowl, what am I supposed to say?! No thanks, I will eat an apple instead.
Isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place? (Thanks Eve!!)

Making the bed
Men love to sleep.
Women love sleep.
Wow?!? Is this the perfect scenario? Nope...
Women sleep in a bed a certain way because we know we are going to have to make it in the morning and nobody likes making a messy bed...
When I lived alone I would be on one side of my bed with one side still tucked in...sliding into bed ever so carefully as not to mess much up so hopefully the next morning it would take no time to make.
So there I am...always short on times in the morning and girls make the bed every morning (in this house)

Putting things away
Men don't often put things away. Therefore they have a hard time finding things. Because...
Women come around and put things away (in their rightful spot might I add...)
Therefore guys come along and are always saying:
"Where are my sunglasses?" They are in the drawer...
"Where is my dopp kit?" It's under the sink...
"Where is my shirt?" It's in the drawer...
Mind you they would still ask these questions if they weren't put away, but then you would have no idea where these items were...

Let's go with one more. Because we women like to end things in denominations of five....

The TV
Men are interested in such things like how things work, aliens, and football.
Women shame themselves by watching other wealthier women fight about parties, plastic surgery, and house hunting. Oh and football for some of us. Go Denver!!
My husband looks at me crazy with my girly shows and watching reruns.
Who cares, I like it! Let me be!

And on that note, I am off to go watch my girly tv shows on my DVR...


  1. I love this post. I've thought many times about writing a similar one. I had a brother, but that was different because I wasn't the one having pick up after him. Lee does things that just absolutely drive me crazy sometimes. How hard is it to put something back where it came from or put a dish in the dishwasher or put the toilet paper on the roll? :) But you're right...we still love them and they probably think we're crazy too.

  2. Oh man... I could go on forever about male messiness! I am so thankful that Michael and I do not share a washroom. We would definitely be divorced by now.

  3. Oh how much I love this. I have a brother and he has the typical man messiness. And whenever it's WWE time (Ah, I love it) he asks if I'm really okay shouting for those almost naked men!

  4. haha! Thankfully....both Angel and I are pretty much neat freaks. And he shaves his face in the shower, without a mirror. I'm not sure how he acquired that skill but after my brother's been staying with us and I have to clean up the bathroom sink...i think it's a skill more men should learn!

  5. i hate the shavings and my husband leaves red solo cups full of water just everywhere..lke we dont have kids running around! lol

  6. i hate the shavings and my husband leaves red solo cups full of water just everywhere..lke we dont have kids running around! lol

  7. Ha! This is hysterical, I love it. I love the "putting things away". Colin will just leave a pile of items on the counter or table if he doesn't know where they go. It's like when you were little and had to unload the dishwasher but you couldn't reach the higher shelves so you left some items on the counter for your parents to put away.

  8. Bahahaha. CV never puts ANYTHING away!! And every morning he asks 'have you seen my grey jacket"....yes, its in your closet. Geez!! :)

  9. Thank you for posting this haha it helps me appreciate my single days a little longer :)

  10. This list is absolutely hilarious. Even though I don't live with my boyfriend, the facial hair shavings drive me up the wall when I visit. Thankfully, I get to head home to my little {hairless} apartment ;)

  11. You're so right. It's not quite so funny when you live it. I know my husband lived alone and took care of himself before we were married, but you'd think he went straight from his mother's womb into my arms. I can't get him to put anything away and he looks at me like I'm crazy when I ask him to. And the television. He's all "you watch too much tv, you watch it whenever you're home". Yet he does to, but for some reason his football (and every single other sport) and financial shows don't count as TV! (at least in his mind). Great post!

  12. This is so funny! Whats with the shaving hair left over in the sink? Its like they literally cant see it or something. And the bed? The only times my husband has made it in the last 5 years is when ive asked him to, but he does it sooo badly! Pulling the top sheet half heartedly back over the bed is just not good enough. Haha.

  13. HAHA, you can't live with 'em but unfortunately you can't live without 'em either! These scenarios were hilarious!!

  14. Just another reason why I love ya!! This is hilarious and SO spot on!
    I have to admit though... the one thing I do that drives Eric crazy?? I don't push the toothpaste out from the bottom of the tube. Wherever my fingers land, that's where it gets pushed from :) But I'm pretty sure that's the ONLY thing I do around the house that bugs him ;)

  15. Haha. This is great! (Especially the Eve part) ;-)


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