September 3, 2013

Tuesday Topics: Five Things That Inspire

Can come from the likeliest and most unlikely sources.
My source is clothed with dignity and strength.

My source is my sister.
She was diagnosed with cancer when she was five years old.

She had missed birthdays, painful treatments, she was so young she barely understood what was going on.

Five ways she inspired me:

She always tries and strives to help others. She prevails despite her obstacles.

Need I say more?! Her inner beauty truly shines out.

She hopes to make a difference. She hopes to put a smile on everyone's face.

She has a love for everyone and everything. Everyone gets along with her. It is so easy.

Always surviving and smiling
Still is...

Ellie inspires me.
Childhood cancer survivors, fighters, and angels inspire me.

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  1. Wow, she must be such a huge inspiration for you, but at the same time, that must have been so hard to watch someone so close to you go through all of that!

  2. There's always something about cancer patients, survivors or ones who didn't that far.

  3. Beautiful story, told through five little snippets. What a blessing.
    PS: I'm no longer able to comment through my Wordpress account, it's insisting on Google???

  4. sweet! You and your sister totally look alike...there is definitely a strong resemblance! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  5. Lauren, what a sweet way to celebrate your sister! :)


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